Pitching is one of the most important aspects of golf at all levels of experience. It is essential in scenarios when a chip shot is not going to adequately cover the distance on the greens. However, taking pitch shots is not easy for many golfers as there is a steep learning curve involved. Making costly mistakes is quite easy if your pitching game is not on point. Fortunately, there are some tips that any player can easily follow to improve their pith technique. Read on to get some insight into those.

Useful Tips To Improve Your Pitch Shots

Fix Your Posture

Posture is one of the most important factors that have a direct impact on the quality and outcome of your pitch. One needs to have impeccable full swing form in order to make these shots. Any compromise on posture can be detrimental and make it incredibly difficult to establish the type of contact required. For pitching, a golfer has to bow from their hips and keep their hands right below their shoulders. Ample balance is required in order to pull off this shot, and one has to make sure that they are positioned properly to hit the ball.

Do Not Lift The Ball

It may seem paradoxical, but to get the ball to a high enough flight, a golfer really has to hit downwards first. Those who try to lift up the ball in the air right at the start of club impact will quickly understand that it is the wrong decision. So, it is essential to start hitting down to get the right kind of impact.

Examine The Bounce Of Your Wedges

If you are trying to pick out a suitable club for taking a pitch shot, make sure to choose one that offers ample bounce and a hefty loft. To put it simply, check if the lower end of your golf club has a rounded bottom, and see if it has an even side edge. Those are the right kind of pitching clubs. Keep in mind that different bounces are preferred for varying conditions. With clubs that have more bounce, you can hone your skills on gentler surfaces.

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Align Your Setup

To use the bounce accurately, golfers should make sure that their setup is well organized. It is essential to get the best club performance. Grip marks must be positioned centrally, and in a way that they are aligned squarely with respect to the ground. Keep in mind that the shaft must be in between one’s feet. The club might make a dent in the ground if its shaft is leaning forward a lot.

Adjust Your Settings

Changing your setup to aid you to regulate your swing length can be a highly beneficial decision. Trying to narrow your stride and positioning your hands on the grip might reduce the swing size. Put your hands down on the grip and tighten your posture so that your feet are barely touching for the smallest pitch strokes.

Follow the tips given above to get better at pitching in golf.