Golf simulators are becoming increasingly popular among golf enthusiasts in the last few years. Golf coaches and professional PGA golfers now highly endorse this clever piece of technology for its sheer capability of improving golf skills. Despite its proven efficacy in improving gaming skills, many golfers hesitate to buy a golf simulator.

This is mainly because many of them have these questions—how accurate golf simulators are? How to manage the settings of a golf simulator to get the most accurate readings? What are the reasons my golf simulators might give inaccurate results? If these are the concerns that are keeping you from buying a golf simulator, think no more. We are here to answer all your questions and doubts about the golf simulator accuracy. 

Know The Device

A golf monitor is a combination of equipment that enables you to play in a graphically simulated environment. It contains a number of elements, including a practice mat, launch monitor, computer/ tab, simulator software, hitting net, and enclosure. Essentially, this device monitors your shots by tracking your ball, flight, swing, club speed, club path, and other metrics and projects the compiled data on your computer or projector screen, thus giving you realistic feedback of your shots and shows you where the ball will eventually end up in the virtual golf course. From these analyses, you can precisely identify which are your strong suits and where do you need to put more effort.

Accuracy Of Golf Simulators

The more advanced and high-rated your golf simulator is, the higher are the chances of getting accurate results. The devices use infrared lights, optical tracking sensors, Doppler radar, or high-speed cameras to monitor your shots, thus leaving very little room for error. In general, any premium quality golf simulator will provide you 80-85% accuracy. But remember, the golf simulator accuracy ultimately depends on its setting. So, when you will be adjusting your device, take sufficient time to understand the device and make sure you follow all the setting instructions.

Reasons Golf Simulators May Not Give Accurate Results

  • Wrong Setting: As already mentioned, the most obvious reason for receiving inaccurate feedbacks from your golf simulator is improper setting. If it is not properly set up, it can never generate accurate results. For example, if you are playing in a humid environment, you must adjust the device’s humidity level accordingly. Most high-end golf simulators allow the users to adjust the simulator’s functions as per the environmental conditions.
  • Hitting Indoors: Another major reason to get inaccurate results from your golf simulator is if you are hitting indoors. A lot of golfers have this tendency to have lower swing rates when playing in closed spaces. The fact that you cannot swing freely can potentially affect your shots. 

Golf is one of the most heavily and meticulously analyzed games. Therefore, playing with a golf simulator can be exceptionally beneficial for improving your game. So, go ahead and start using one to hone your skills.