Having the right screen and enclosure can be essential for any individual who wants to make the most of their simulation setup. These are as important as the other components like the projector, golf hitting mat, simulation software, and everything else.

A simulator screen and enclosure are necessary for ensuring your safety, and those of the people around you. Even if it’s just for the sake of your pets or belongings, going without one can prove fatal. Screens that are made with strong and durable materials tend to last longer, offer ample protection and cut down on bounce back. 

In this post, we’ll go through and compare our top options for the finest golf simulator screens and enclosures across a variety of price points. It can help you get an idea about that what you can expect and enable you to make up your mind about which to purchase.

Top 3 Golf Screens and Enclosures To Consider

SIG12 Golf Simulator Enclosure

The SIG12 Golf Simulator Enclosure is a versatile and handy option to look at. It features a strong, robust cage, a comes with an expansive high-impact screen, equilibrium weights, and side barrier netting. The SIG12 was built with the projected picture filling the whole screen. At 12′ wide, it is the largest offering from SIG. It can also easily fit into most rooms with enough space.

The SIG12 Golf Simulator Enclosure really does have an impressive size that can be more than adequate for your needs. It has a width of 11′′15′′ and a height of 8’7′′. The taut polyester screen is intended for a 4:3 aspect ratio projection and can resist ball speeds of up to 250 MPH. The SIG12 also includes features such as a sturdy steel frame (powder-coated), black nylon walls, a bottom-weight component, and durable foam cushioning.

PerfectBay Golf Simulator Enclosure

The PerfectBay is intended for interior usage only. It is a feature-rich product that really does not require any instruments to set up. The impact screen is intended for 4:3 projection that occupies the entire screen and can resist ball velocities of up to 250 mph.

The PerfectBay Golf Simulator Enclosure features a premium design and is one of the best choices for those who want to get superior protection without breaking the bank. This impact screen from PerfectBay features a very slick finish and it comes with a superior triple-layer structure. It is made from highly resistant polyester that can stand the test of time. The middle layer aims to reduce the noise produced by golf ball strikes.

Cimarron 10’x10′ Impact Projection Screen

Cimarron 10’x10′ Impact Projection Screen is an excellent golf simulator screen if you want hassle-free usability and robust protection. It measures 10 x 10 ft and is constructed entirely from premium-quality polyester. It comes with a look and feel that catches the eye and can be used with the simulator, while also being able to offer the functionality of an impact net. In addition, this screen can also double up as a sturdy and thick baffle net. This golf simulator can withstand the impact of real balls hit at incredibly high speeds.

Take a look at the descriptions of the golf screens and enclosures given above to find the best option for your needs. Also, click on the link below to get a complete overview.