Golfers would do well to rely on electric golf carts so they may continue to enjoy the sport without wearing themselves out by walking the full course. The burden of having to lift, push and carry golf clubs, tees, bottles, and other accouterments around manually is removed when they are transported in a cart. These convenient vehicles now come in a wide variety, making it simpler to pick one that meets your demands. Two of the standout electronic golf caddies or carts available now are provided by the companies Foresight Sports and CartTek. Take a look at the features of specifications of their carts below to get a better idea.

ForeCaddy Smart Follow Remote Control Caddy

The ForeCaddy Smart Follow Remote Control Caddy by manufacturer Foresight Sports is one of the top electric golf cart options now. It is packed with a number of powerful features and advanced functionality to make on-course transit a hassle-free experience. The ForeCaddy Smart Follow is known for the high level of performance it offers across different weather and terrain conditions. It is preferred by golfers across experience levels. Remote control functionality makes operating the electric cart easy to operate. Some of its usage modes are Follow, Power Assist, Remote Control, and Manual. 

ForeCaddy Specifications


  • -4°F to 122°F operating temperature range
  • 36 lbs/16.3 kg weight
  • Ant-tipping dual support motor
  • 2.69 ft x 1.97 ft x 1.15 ft (folded size)
  • 2.69 ft x 1.97 ft x 3.28 ft (open size)
  • 22.2V/14000mAh battery capacity
  • 36–54 holes battery life (for non-hill fairways)
  • 4.7-7.8 km/h speed
  • Automatic downhill braking


ForeCaddy Smart Follow Package Contents


  • ForeCaddy Smart Follow caddy
  • Additional security straps for golf bags
  • Power adaptor for charging batteries
  • Battery
  • A cup holder
  • Phone holder
  • Charging base
  • Remote management
  • Holder for sand bottles
  • Ball and scorecard holder
  • Charging cable for USB-C devices
  • Wireless charger
  • Umbrella holder

GRi-975Li from Carttek

You can also think about the CartTek GRi-975Li Lithium Golf Caddy as a top option to fulfil your transport needs on the greens. This model is among the most mobile and compact golf carts on the market and is one of the several top options from the company. It looks very modern and could be very useful on the greens.

GRi-975Li Specifications

  • 21.6 lbs and 3 lbs weight
  • 4-Speed Settings
  • Adjustable frame (Aviation-grade aluminum 6061)
  • Battery: 24 volt, 7.5 amp-hour (Li ion)
  • Downhill Speed Control 
  • Distance Control feature with timer
  • Dual high torque motors (60 mm)
  • Flexible grip with a range of 36″ – 45″
  • Folded 34″ x 26.5″ x 12.35″ size
  • Free-Wheel Drive 
  • Extra-large driving wheels for improved control
  • Waterproof design
  • Upwards of 500 charging cycles for battery
  • Wheel with Anti-tip innovation

Take a look at the information shared above to get a clear idea about what the two electric golf cart vehicles offer. Choose the right one for your needs to simplify your movements on the greens.