One of the most important components of a golfing setup is the golf ball. While most players think that all golf balls have the same sizes and weights, that is simply not the case. Despite their familiar appearances, there are several size variations used for different applications. Read on to gain some valuable insight regarding golf ball sizes below.

What is the typical golf ball size?

An official golf ball cannot be less than 1.68 inches in diameter, which is equivalent to 4.268 cm or (42.68 mm). A golf ball has a circumference of 5.277 inches or 13.405 cm. A regulation-size golf ball’s median width and height are about 43 mm.

Is the size of all golf balls the same?

As mentioned above, all golf balls are not sized the same, but all sizes are useful for different play styles or norms. One can also come across as larger than the typical 1.68-inch size. Interestingly, the regulation size of golf balls has itself changed many years back. Two of the commonly accepted official ball sizes were the American and the British (or European).

What is the diameter of a golf ball?

A golf ball’s average width is 16.92 inches or about 4.3 centimeters. This diameter was finalized after the trajectory of different golf balls was evaluated for a long time. In essence, it is safe to say that most golf balls are around the same approximate width. Due to their small sizes, they are light and can gain decent heights when struck with force. The tiny form factor also reduces unwanted spin. Height and width are always the same for a golf ball, as it has a sphere shape.

Golf Ball Circumference on Average

A golf ball’s average circumference is 5.277 inches or 13.405 centimeters. The volume of a golf ball is also another parameter that golfers should be aware of. It can be calculated by multiplying a ball’s radius value of 0.83 inches by its spherical volume. The calculated value comes out to be 40.677 cm3, or 2.482 cu in.

Golf Ball Dimensions Measured in Centimeters

A golf ball measures the following in centimetres :

  • 4.268 cm in diameter 
  • 3 cm in width
  • 133 cm radius
  • 405 cm circumference
  • Height: 3 cm
  • Volume: 677 cm3

Golf Ball Dimensions in Millimeters

A golf ball measures the following in millimetres (mm):

  • 4,268 mm in diameter
  • 13,405 mm circumference
  • Volume: 40,677 mm
  • Radius: 2,133 mm
  • 3 Dimensions: 43 mm
  • 43 mm in width

Golf Ball Dimensions in Inches

A golf ball’s size in inches (“) is as follows:

  • 27″ circumference
  • 68″ diameter
  • 48 cu in volume\
  • Width: 69″ Height: 69″

Golf Ball Hole Dimensions (golf cup)

A golf ball hole, commonly referred to as a golf cup, spans 4.25 inches in diameter. It is also the official size determined by the United States Golf Association (USGA) rules.

Take a look at the information given above to know everything about the size of golf balls.