SkyTrak is a popular brand largely known for its golf simulators, which allow players to immerse themselves in a real-life golfing experience indoors. With the help of virtual golf course simulations and accurate ball flight data, SkyTrak offers several packages and configurations that offer out-of-the-ordinary virtual golf course experiences.

Although the Basic Driving Range Software Mode included with the SkyTrak Launch Monitor is very well built, one of the SkyTrak’s best features is its ability to integrate with a variety of golf simulator software suppliers. This is just one of the numerous factors that led Golf Digest to name SkyTrak the Best Value Golf Simulator for the past two years. We have put together a thorough guide to help you figure out what golf simulator software is best for you and what system requirements you’ll need to get things going.

Comparison of SkyTrak Launch Monitors (SkyTrak vs. SkyTrak+)

StatsThe original monitor has become the leading-selling consumer launch monitor in the world. It gets connected wirelessly to your compatible device and offers shot launch data and ball flight visual feedback as soon as you hit the ball.


  • Camera-based launch monitor
  • Ball data
  • Indoor use only
  • Lower price point
  • Years of proven track record


  • Back spin
  • Total spin
  • Club speed
  • Launch angle
  • Spin axis




It has all the features of SkyTrak, coupled with more features and gamification. The addition of Doppler delivers club data, face angle, etc. The improved camera system offers highly accurate and reliable ball tracking data. Additionally, the optimizer enables golfers to analyze club and ball data vs. optimal launch conditions.


  • Camera + Doppler radar-based launch monitor
  • Larger hitting area
  • Ball and club data
  • Outdoor use w/ golf mat


  • Spin axis
  • Flight path
  • Apex
  • Flight time
  • Launch angle
  • Ball speed
  • Side spin


Comparison of SkyTrak + Golf simulator packages 


SkyTrak Home Golf Simulator Package


Main Features


  • Automatic ball return
  • Premium-quality, durable net
  • Can withstand golf ball speeds of 200 mph



  • Basic practice range plan
  • The Net Return Home V2 Net
  • SkyTrak+ Launch Monitor


SkyTrak+ PerfectBay Golf Simulator Package 


Main features 


  • 5’, 12’, or 13.5’ wide
  • Side barriers included
  • Triple-layer fully tensioned impact screen
  • Frame pipes included


  • Basic practice range plan
  • SKyTrak+ Launch Monitor
  • PerfectBay Screen Enclosure


SkyTrak Retractable Screen Package 


Main Features


  • Can retract and be folded easily
  • Up to 14 feet of flat projectable area
  • Ballistic-grade material




  • Basic practice range plan
  • SkyTrak+ launch monitor
  • HomeCourse Pro retractable simulator screen


SkyTrak+ Simulator Series Premium Package 


Main Features:


  • 8’, 10’, or 12’-wide
  • Side barriers included
  • Floating impact screen
  • No bounce-back




  • Basic practice range plan
  • SkyTrak+ launch monitor
  • Simulator series net and screen
  • The Net Return Pro Turf


SkyTrak Home Golf Simulator Packages 


Main Features 


  • 7’ or 8’-wide
  • Premium quality durable set
  • Withstands golf ball speeds of 200 mph




  • The Net Return Home V2 Net
  • Basic practice range plan
  • SkyTrak launch monitor


SkyTrak offers a vast range of golf simulator packages, allowing golf enthusiasts to practice and play indoors with ease. The information shared above will give you an idea of what to expect from the company’s products.