Golf Simulator Software has become the go-to option for thousands of golfers around the world. Individuals across experience levels are able to rely on full-fledged simulation setups to improve their skills and become better players. One of the most important aspects of golf simulation is the software that golfers rely on. Golf simulation software can single-handedly determine what type of practice experience you have.

Right now, there are many feature-rich software options available on the market for golfers to look at. But knowing which one is the best option for your practice requirements is quite important, to get completely hassle-free and meaningful practice sessions. Before you invest in a simulator setup, it makes sense to know which software to buy. For the average golfer, choosing the right software can be quite a daunting task. Take a look at some of the options mentioned below to gain some insight. 

OptiShot 2 Software

OptiShot is among the top golf simulator options on the market and comes with a feature-rich and affordable software option. With this software, golfers can easily gain access to 15 golf courses and a driving range. The software provided by OptiShot can run on PCs and Macs. For fees in the range of $49 – $99 / year. It is capable of producing appealing and realistic 3D visuals. 

One of the best perks of choosing OptiShot and its software is its user-friendliness and the reasonable cost you have to pay. 

E6 Connect

TruGolf is a renowned company in the golf simulation software industry for its revolutionary E6 software package. It provides very realistic and vivid graphics and can produce precise ball flight. Apart from this, the E6 software lets you play on an array of some of the best golf courses globally, right from their living room or garage. 

The E6 software does come with several options, and it enjoys compatibility with SkyTrak, or on other simulators. The SkyTrak integration of the E6 software has been received well by users on PC. However, it needs users to purchase the SkyTrak Game Improvement software package for a fee of $99 per year. They are also required to avail TruGolf’s course package for a fee of $299 per year. 

The Golf Club 2019

The Golf Club 2019 or TGC 2019 is considered by many the most popular golf simulation software on the market right now. It comes with a plethora of powerful features that can make your golf simulation practice sessions quite fruitful. To start with, TGC 2019 comes with upwards of 100 thousand different golf courses golfers can select. 

With TGC 2019, golfers can easily design their own golf courses to play on. Other users can download courses designed by you as they get added to the online community pool of the software. TGC 2019 can also be used with the SkyTrak launch monitor and users can opt for the Game Improvement package for a yearly fee of $99.

Take a look at the golf simulation software options given above to make the right decision for your needs.