No golfer can ever disregard the importance of putting. It is the key to lowering your score in a game of golf. No matter how hard you strike or how well you swing down the greens, all it takes to bring it home with strokes as few as possible. Naturally, you will need to put in that extra effort in improving your putting skills if you want to nail it. However, getting regular access to a driving range or a commercial facility is a difficult task for many of us. Therefore, if you want to hone the short game, you must look for an alternative. That is where putting greens come to your rescue.

This handy yet hugely effective training aid allows you to practice putting at home. And with some premium putting greens, you can work on your chipping as well. But remember, choosing the right putting green is a tricky job. A faulty one can not only affect your skills adversely but also could give you serious muscle damage. For the job, therefore, rely on nothing but the best. And to this end, no other putting green can beat Big Moss Augusta V2. The premium product from one of the leading golf surface manufacturers guarantees you a perfect hitting surface with all the necessary game improvement features. The final testament to its quality comes in the form of rave reviews from experts and amateur golfers alike. So, go through the blog and see how this incredible putting green can do wonders for your short game skills.  

Efficient Design

Big Moss Augusta V2 is one of the best-putting greens available in today’s market. Arguably, it has the truest role and the most realistic feedback. However, what sets the product apart from the crowd is its abundant variety of sizes and shapes. One of Big Moss’s traditional models, Augusta V2 comes in different sizes (4’X10’, 4’X12’, and 4’X15’). No matter how much space you can accommodate for your putting practice, you can fit an Augusta V2 right in. 

Impressive Features

A lot like the popular Big Moss Admiral model, Augusta V2 comes with more versatility for year-round practice. It is even more compact. A triple-layer, triple-stitched surface, it boasts a built-in down-grain True Roll Technology. The turf rolls at 11 on the stimpmeter, which is quite incredible given its price. The surface is totally wrinkle-free and 28% heavier than the Admiral model. The weight helps it lay flat on any surface; carpeting included. 

Unlike standard putting greens, Augusta V2 incorporates hole reducers for each cup to raise the difficulty dramatically. It also has some foam pieces that create brakes or compensate for the unevenness of the floor. Of course, it has a backstop to provide enhanced security to your walls. If that is not enough, Augusta V2 also features a chipping mat so that you can work on your wedge game.  

User Experience

Augusta V2 is incredibly easy to set up and dismantle. You can simply roll it up and store it away when not in use. It is also extremely lightweight and therefore, easily portable.