A putting green is quintessential to any indoor or outdoor golf practice setup, and every golfer should rely on one to get a feel of the greens. With so many options out there, it is often a difficult proposition for one to pick out a good one. Big Moss, one of the leading putting green manufacturers, offers a great selection of choices in its Patio Series. The Commander Putting Green is one of the best ones you can look at.

The Big Moss Golf Commander Putting Green and Chipping Mat is a leading product in its segment, from the Patio Series range of the company. The Commander is built with 15-year outdoor grade turf material, designed specifically to accurately mimic some of the most sought-after putting services today. The grass, similar to those of other Big Moss surfaces, has a smooth and seamless roll, and it comes with a Stimpmeter rating value of 11. The 5 mm closed cell foam backing offers unrivalled endurance.

What's In It?

  • Velcro-attached backstop
  • 1 chipping mat
  • 1 safety flagstick
  • 1 break snake
  • 1 user manual

The Big Moss Commander Putting Green has -

  • Dimensions of 2″, 3″, and a regular size cup
  • It is a deep putting green
  • The first and only transportable putting greens with holes in which golf balls can entirely fall are Big Moss mats.
  • Suitable for both indoor and outside use
  • Built with the best 15-year outdoor certified putting grass available
  • You can put this turf in any convenient place including your garage, patio, driveway, deck, poolside, or living room.
  • This green will look great in just about any setting
  • Stimpmeter value is 11
    This turf rolls up exactly like a real putting surface
  • The product is very durable and can last for many years
    A 5 mm foam backing (closed cell type) is included
  • Engineered with a life expectancy of more than ten years

Size and configuration options for the Big Moss Commander

  • 3′ x 15′ – 1 cup
  • 4′ x 15′ – 1 cup
  • 6′ x 15′ – 3 cups

Big Moss Commander Configuration

  • The Commander comes in 2 segments and takes just a few minutes to build.
  • The extra foam base enables the deep cup height with a gently rising hump. This provides the authentic sensation as that of being on an actual golf course.
  • When you purchase this putting mat, you get a backstop, a white cup sleep, a spring-loaded flagstick, break pads and a custom chipping zone.

Features of the latest version of this product -

  • A rubber-backed surface that eliminates wrinkles, and lets users can get freedom from bunching or popping.
  • The considerably thicker upgraded mat also sits flat on rugs.
  • Use the new thick and dense detachable base to practise perfectly flat putts
  • New Break Pads allow you to explore a variety of terrains
  • Upgraded stadium backstop loops across to maintain the ball’s position on the ground.
  • New and Improved Chipping Mat.
  • All Regulation-sized cups now have new flag bases and cup sleeves.