Putting greens are excellent choices for households and workplaces. They are great for the needs of so many people who love the convenience of hassle-free practice at any time. This is among the most essential categories of golf equipment for your configuration and may be essential to your advancement as a player. Putting greens from Big Moss are equipped with high-level technology that allows users to chip and putt easily. Amateurs and professionals alike can benefit from these greens.

Big Moss Country Club Putting Greens come in 6′ by 10′ and 6′ x 12′ sizes. They use cutting-edge True Tour Roll innovation to deliver realistic putting and chipping outcomes. These greens have numerous layers and are quadruple stitched, and can last you many years while requiring very little upkeep. Golfers may refine their abilities and get ready for competing on the greens by utilizing either of the two Big Moss products.

The Big Moss Country Club Putting Green products are excellent for golfers who want to perfect their abilities to putt, chip, and pitch balls on real courses. Realistic breaks suitable for cross-grain putting exist as a result of the state-of-the-art design of both the 6′ x 10′ and 6′ x 12′ variants of the Country Club Putting Greens. These have smaller center holes with a depth of 3 inches to improve the accuracy of practice rounds. These putting greens are simple to install in your backyard, deck, or cellar. Anywhere you have enough space, these greens can be quite useful.

What Products Does The Big Moss Country Club Offer?

Golfers get a chipping Mat, a flagstick, a Velcro backstop, break space, a user manual, and some flight chipping balls to get them started with their practice.

What Users Get From the Most Recent Versions

  • Golfers can avoid bubbling and clumping with the newest wrinkle-free and rubber-integrated surface of the Big Moss Country Club Putting Green.
  • The somewhat heavy pad now also sits level on rugs.
  • To practice dead flat putts, users can rely on the redesigned removable base with enhanced thickness.
  • Better chipping mat, redesigned
  • New sleeves and flag bases have been added to standard-sized cups.
  • The stadium’s backstop layout aids in keeping balls on the floor.
  • The redesigned break pads let golfers try out putts across a wide range of terrain changes.

The Big Moss Country Club Putting Green has the following features:

  • Brief, realistic game feedback
  • High-quality construction for year-round practice
  • Mat installation is simple and swift.
  • Mat that is highly portable
  • True Roll technology at a speed of 11 stimpmeters
  • Break Snakes make it effortless to create contours


Both the Big Moss Country Club 6′ x 10′ and 6′ x 12′ versions include four cups. The greens also contain two break pads that may simulate a variety of putting patterns. On the same Country Club Putting Green, users can experience different play types. Golfers may easily polish their putting abilities in a range of slope settings while taking full leverage of the breaks to improve their putting precision.

Big Moss putting greens are regarded to be as realistic as actual grass. But it is quite affordable for most golfers. These greens provide everything you need to begin practicing at home or at work.