When it comes to swing analyzers, Blast Golf seems to be on the top not only for professional golfers but for beginners as well, since accurate measurements help you keep a check on your golf game quality.

Blast Golf Swing Analyzer has been perceived as a teaching tool by many coaches because of its effectiveness, especially with putting skills, the area of expertise of the Blast Golf Swing Analyzer.

So, as a beginner, we highly recommend adding it to add to your golf kit because, why not? As it serves as an ultimate golf guide for beginners, helping them address their stroke’s timing.

So, How Does Blast Golf Swing Analyzer Work?

Just attach the Blast sensor to the grip of your club, which you won’t even notice while playing. You are given eleven data points every time you make a stroke with each point clarifying its importance via videos.

Blast Golf Swing Analyzer is a complete package for golfers of any level because it provides detailed insights into every shot you make. Its accurate metrics make it a favorite tool among golf enthusiasts.

With its smart video capture technology, it records every swing that you can watch later to evaluate your swings in slow motion. You can further share those results with your friends on social media as well.

What Features Does Blast Golf Swing Analyzer Offer?

The Blast Golf Swing Analyzer entails some valuable features mentioned below

  • Beginner-friendly 
  • Can be used by novice and veteran golfers alike
  • The results of the game can be shared on social media
  • Besides golf it can be used for other games as well
  • Provide accurate insights based on your performance 
  • Provides club swing speed when striking the golf ball
  • Provides backswing and downswing time 
  • Includes additional information for the driver 
  • Easy to switch clubs
  • Improves your putting 

What Other Features Does It Provide?

The Blast Golf sensors are used to help teams, coaches and players improve their game quality. It is a complete swing and stroke solution for athletes and golf academies alike. 

The Blast Golf sensors are the most valid and precise motion sensors in the golf market. The sensors can be easily attached to the grip of your golf club to generate accurate data based on your putting stroke.

The Blast Golf app boosts your golf game performance by providing useful training tips. Smart video captures your moves and creates video clips of each swing that you can share easily. 

So, Is It Worth the Money?

The Blast Golf Swing Analysers help you improve your swing and get better in golf. With its video capturing feature every aspect of your shot gets recorded to give you a fair analysis of your strokes.

The results of your strokes can be understood easily by any golfer. Moreover, the app allows you to share the results of your golf practices on social media.

So, whether you are a beginner or pro golfer, getting your hands on this impressive Blast Golf Swing Analyzer is a decision that you won’t regret making. Happy Golfing!