With the improvement of golf technology, training gadgets for the popular game have become widely available and, at the same time, more accessible. At this point, you don’t have to break your bank anymore to own a golf simulator or launch monitor. Neither you will have to rely on a commercial facility to access those gadgets.

Similarly, laser rangefinders have also become a household name for golfers across the world. This incredible piece of technology is crucial for measuring the distance on the golf course and helping players shave off strokes from their game. At this point, you can choose from a wide range of laser rangefinders. However, there are only a few that gives you the best value for your money within a pocket-friendly budget. 

Among hundreds of budget rangefinders, Blue Tees Golf Rangefinders is undoubtedly the most trusted brand today. In this blog, we are giving you an insight into the three most popular items from Blue Tees rangefinders to help you choose the right item for your game improvement. 

Blue Tees Series 3 Max Golf Laser Rangefinders

Perhaps the most advanced laser rangefinder from Blue Tees, Series 3 Max is the perfect device that helps you measure the yardage on the golf course. It doesn’t just allow you to dial in the precise distance to the front, back, and middle of the green but also makes club selection easier than ever. It features an upgraded Active Slope Switch Technology that enables you to toggle between the various slope functions hassle-free.

A stunning upgrade from its previous versions, Blue Tees Series 3 Max features a perfect combination of advanced software, professional-level accuracy, and next-generation design. It also comes in a custom all-weatherproof case, making it an ideal golf gear to be used both indoors and outdoors. 

Blue Tees Series 2 Pro Slope Golf Laser Rangefinders

This one is the most popular item in Blue Tees’s range of products. Featuring the latest Blue Tees laser technology, this cutting-edge rangefinder helps you find the exact distance to each and any of the holes from the tee. 

The highlight of the stunning rangefinder is its Pro Slope technology. It helps you eliminate the guesswork from club selection and helps you chose the right club for the perfect shot by adjusting the distance based on decline/ incline for True Distance. Series 2 Pro Slope also features Flag Lock+ Pulse Vibration feature to precisely lock in the target and offers a pinpoint accuracy of up to 800 yards to add the perfect edge to your shots.

Blue Tees Series 2 Tour Golf Laser Rangefinder

Similar to the others, Series 2 Tour is also an incredible laser rangefinder that helps you dial in the distance and pick the right club for your shots. However, is best known for its sleek design, enhanced ease of use, and stunning performance despite being a budget rangefinder.

It is also powered with EZ Optic Focus and features a super-bright, full-HD display with vivid colors and amazing image quality. It offers you the most life-like experience while you play indoors.

Now that you know what Blue Tees Golf Rangefinders can add to your golf experience, go ahead and choose the right rangefinder for yourself.