Bushnell Launch Pro Launch Monitor and Golf Simulator catch and analyze an impressive number of frames per second. It is considered by many to be one of the most reliable and accurate ball flight and launch condition trackers on the market right now. In order to get lengthier drives, better carry accuracies, and reduced scores, golfers should figure out the most integral data points of a swing. These data points are provided by this launch monitor from Bushnell.

The Launch Pro combines patented technology of high speed and high definition camera systems with in-built infrared tweaked to support its three-camera system. Equipped with automatic calibration, these cameras ensure that golfers get highly professional performance, along with peak precision. Standing out from radar-based systems that are usually set up behind a golfer, and function through algorithms, Bushnell’s offering is worth looking at.

Some Useful Information About The Bushnell Launch Pro Launch Monitor

  • Subscriptions to the software are offered independently.
  • A gaming PC and a television monitor are necessary.
  • Includes the first year of the Basic software bundle.
  • Includes a free 30-day trial of the Gold software suite.

Bushnell Launch Pro Key Features

Measures Key Parameters: The Launch Pro Launch Monitor monitors some of the most crucial data points for golfers at the highest accuracy levels, with a high level of consistency compared to many other monitors on the market. Launch Pro performs readings of key parameters like club head speed, spin, launch, and carry distance.

Realistic Simulation: Launch Pro provides realistic simulation and enables golfers across all experience levels to get comprehensive data-driven practice. They can get access to some of the leading courses around the world to practice on, and witness major improvements to their game.

Stay On Top Of Data: Several other launch monitor solutions on the market experience severe issues with environmental photosensitivity, sub-par performance recording and analysis, and several other issues. With the Launch Pro monitor, you get freedom from such issues as it facilitates top-notch accuracy and can be used anywhere.

Round-The-Clock Convenience – Launch Pro gives users both the options of hyper-realistic playtime on some of the most famous courses on the plant to practice on the range. Regardless of where you are, you can get productive practice and skill improvement without having to take breaks.

Key Ball Data Measured By The Bushnell Launch Pro 

  • Carry Distance
  • Vertical Launch Angle
  • Ball Speed
  • Horizontal Launch Angle
  • Spin Tilt Axis 
  • Total Spin

Key Club Data Measured By Bushnell Launch Pro 

  • Smash Factor
  • Club Head Speed
  • Attack Angle
  • Club Path

Bushnell Launch Pro Comes With -

  • Launch Pro Device
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Power Cord
  • Alignment Stick
  • USB-C Cable
  • Club Marker Pack
  • Gaming PC is not included (Required to power FSX 2020 Software, along with the Silver and Gold Packages).
  • Foresight Sports is offering a 30-day free trial of their Gold Software Package.

Check out all the information shared above to get a clear idea about exactly what you can expect from the Bushnell Launch Pro Launch Monitor and Golf Simulator.