For the most rewarding experience on a golf course, nothing works better than a classic parkland-style layout. And this is exactly what you will find if you visit Cary Country Club in Illinois. You can also try this brilliant golf course via The Golf Club 2019 (designed by Tom Chomicz). Located in the picturesque setting of Cary in Henry County, this brilliant golf course offers an immersive experience. The scenic beauty of the place is simply breathtaking.

With a vast layout with lush, rolling terrain, mature woodland surrounding the place, and a dazzling blue sky shining over your head—it feels like spending a day in a faraway exotic land without leaving the country. This par 72 golf course features a gargantuan area. From the longest tee, it stretches over 6135 yards of lush fields, perfect for the most enthralling rounds of golf. The well-manicured Bent Grass greens and fairways make the experience more enjoyable.