Ernest Sports is an established company in the launch monitor industry because of its exceptional devices loaded with powerful capabilities. The ESB1 and ES Tour Plus monitors represent two of the company’s standout products. Although both these products are top-notch choices, there are some differences in their features and specifications. Read on to discover the best Ernest Sports monitor for your specific data measurement and analysis requirements. 

ESB1 Ernest Sports

The Ernest Sports ESB1 is a great option for individuals searching for a sophisticated and effective launch monitor for their training requirements. It can monitor a variety of crucial data, including the smash factor, ball speed, spin velocity, distance, club velocity, and angle of launch, thanks to innovative doppler radar. Placing it four feet behind will allow players to perform at their best. 

A free smartphone application that is very simple to use is included with the Ernest Sports ESB1 Launch Monitor. It retains all relevant information for users of iOS 9.0 or later-running gadgets. When applied with the ESB1 Launch Monitor, the application provides a wealth of information that might assist users in improving the way they play. Comparing one’s numbers to PGA as well as LPGA information is made easy with ESB1. You are provided with all you need to fully enjoy your golf session.

Features of the ESB1 Golf Launch Monitor

  • PGA and LPGA statistics comparison
  • Features for individualization
  • A battery level indicator (LED)
  • Downloadable software
  • A rechargeable battery
  • Long battery life

Ernest Sports's ESB1 key specifications:

  • Color options: gray and white
  • 7.4 volt lithium-ion battery
  • 3,000 mAh battery capacity 
  • Size details: 8″H x 5.25″H x 1.5″D
  • 1.5″H x 4.5″W for the display
  • Weight: 1 pound (3.7 ounces)
  • The temperature range for operation is 32–110 °F

Ernest Sports ES Tour Plus

Two high-speed photometric lenses and four doppler radar detectors are included in the ES Tour Plus from Ernest Sports. It is a well-appreciated gadget since it has repeatedly demonstrated a high degree of dependability for a number of the key information points required by players. The ES Tour Plus is the Tour-tested option that is ideal for inside use. It is a US-made gadget for golf aficionados and a fantastic option for anybody looking for something affordable. The ES Tour Plus can track a variety of data outside, including ball speed, distance, spin rate, club speed, smash factor, and launch angle.

ES Tour Plus provides you with the following statistics:

  • The launch angle, launch direction, maximum height, carry and roll distances, ball speed, spin axis, shot dispersion, spin rate, and landing angle, are among the ball metrics measured by the device.
  • The club statistics display information on the angle of attack, face-to-path, club head speed, face angle, smash factor, and club path.

The infrared light boards on the ES Tour Plus are highly efficient in small settings, and golfers claim that the device’s flare is hardly noticeable to them. Using the colored club-fitting components is made easy by the ES Tour Plus and the adaptable ESGOLF app. It makes it simpler to assess many balls, wedges, shafts, and drivers and offers an immediate comparative viewpoint for different facts. Additionally, a 400-yard extension in the simulated driving distance is possible while using this device.

To choose which launch monitor will best meet your needs, carefully review the information presented above.