The idea of strolling the whole length of each round on the fairways is scary, even for those who are active and healthy golfers. It may make it harder to function efficiently, as well as being exceedingly annoying and tiresome. The necessity for an improved choice becomes clear when the contents and any supplementary accessories have been considered. Fortunately, a growing number of athletes are using electric scooters to put an end to these concerns. Notwithstanding this, a variety of models are presently on the market, and Fat Tire scooters are well-known in the golf equipment sector.

Important characteristics of Fat Tire scooters:

  • Shows battery voltage
  • Has a cupholder
  • Bottles of sand for divots included
  • Storage for scorecards and accessories
  • LED lighting
  • Golf bag support
  • Charger rated 110 volts
  • Tee holder included

As its two variations, Fat Tire provides the Cruiser 3.0 and the Rebel Trike XR. Learn more about these two models of electric golf scooters by reading on.

Cruiser 3.0

The Fat Tire Cruiser 3.0 is one of the current market’s simplest options. On account of its tiny size, golfers might find it straightforward to navigate across several holes. It is widely renowned for exerting little impact on the golf courses’ topography.


  • Effective scalability is provided by a strong, impermeable 3000-watt motor.
  • The total of 18 holes will fit its 20ah Li-ion Quick-swap cell pack.
  • The 13″ chrome wheels are wrapped in extra-wide radial tires.
  • The large bottom plates of the center stand protect the grass and make parking easier.
  • A metallic baggage rack that can accommodate bigger suitcases during travel.
  • There is suspension at the front of the vehicle and the back to provide a comfortable ride.
  • It has a handy storage platform attached to the handlebar where you can keep track of food, scorecards, balls, tees, utensils, and more.
  • A large, cushioned seat for the greatest convenience
  • Limited parts guarantee for one year

The Key Points

  • Its li-ion quick-swap battery pack requires 6 to 8 hours to fully charge.
  • The base is 54″ by 78″ by 46″ in size.
  • It features a bag holding section and is 90 inches long.
  • Included is a strong 3000 watt engine.
  • Minimum usable hole count is 18, although it varies depending on rider size and weather.
  • This item has a maximum weight restriction of 300 pounds.
  • There are 190 pounds in it.
  • It can go as fast as 15 mph.

Rebel Trike XR:

Golfers might think about the increasingly trustworthy and modern Rebel Trike XR from Fat Tire. Due to its strength and size, this vehicle may be used on many golf courses’ grassy terrain.


  • High-torque, water-resistant, differential engine
  • Simple to swap out lithium-ion cells
  • Triple large tires provide a lot of traction
  • Heavy bags may be supported by sturdy aluminum straps.
  • To soften your ride, there are shock absorbers in the front and the rear.
  • The flat design of the bag’s straps makes it an ideal place to stow snacks, scorecards, markers, and balls.
  • A lot of cushioning for a comfortable ride

A one-year guarantee only covers the components.

The Key Points:

  • A maximum speed of 15 mph
  • Electricity is provided by 2 lithium-ion quick-swap batteries, which take between six and eight hours to fully charge.
  • Electric differential engine with high torque and adjustable speed
  • The integrated bag carrier is 85 inches high
  • The maximum load that may be used is 300 lbs
  • The trip can require 36 holes or more, based on the terrain and the weight of the rider.
  • Size (length x height): 72″ x 46″ Weight: 210 lbs.
  • Wheelbase of 52 inches

To determine which of the two Fat Tire cars best meets your needs, go through the analysis of the two vehicles here.