To take your golf game to new heights, a reliable launch monitor is essential. With a wide range of options available for golfers of all skill levels, Swing Caddie has established itself as a trustworthy manufacturer of launch monitors. Consider the SC100 Golf Launch Monitor from Swing Caddie for a product that delivers outstanding performance.

The Swing Caddie SC100, the company’s inaugural monitor, stands out as one of the most affordable choices in the market. It provides precise measurements of swing velocity, smash factor, ball velocity, and carry distance. With its advanced features, such as Remote, Target, and Practice modes, the SC100 can greatly enhance your practice sessions and help you make significant progress.

The Random Mode of this launch monitor offers various target distances, allowing players to focus on different clubs and evaluate shot accuracy. In Practice mode, users can compare their current shot with the previous one to assess their improvement. Once a practice session concludes, the Statistics mode provides quick access to the average scores of the last 100 shots, enabling you to track your performance effectively. Equipped with a Doppler Radar detector, the SC100 accurately detects distances in both yards and meters. For optimal readings, position the SC100 between 40 and 60 inches from the ball.

Key Metrics Tracked by the Swing Caddie SC100 Golf Launch Monitor:

  • Smash factor
  • Ball speed
  • Swing rate
  • Carry distance


Specifications of the Swing Caddie SC100:

  • 4-inch LCD screen
  • Maximum runtime of up to 20 hours (may vary)
  • Lightweight design, weighing only 6.86 ounces
  • Band frequency of 4 GHz K
  • Doppler Radar sensor frequency
  • Powered by four AAA batteries
  • Temperature – 14 – 122 degrees F
  • Compact dimensions of 5.89 by 3.20 by 1.08 inches
  • Available in white and black colors
  • Measurement range of 30-320 yards
  • Ball speed accuracy within +/- 3%, carry distance accuracy within +/- 5%

Key Elements of the SC100 Swing Caddie:

  • Swing Caddie keeps comprehensive statistics regardless of the club you use. You can access complete statistics for your 100 most recent strikes, including speed, average distance, and smash factor.
  • The launch monitor comes with a compact and portable remote control that offers convenient remote capabilities. It can be easily adjusted to accommodate different playing styles on the course.
  • The Swing Caddie SC100 calculates the player’s smash factor by combining clubhead and ball speed. Switching between perspectives that display the smash factor and ball speed is effortless.

By providing these insightful details about the Swing Caddie SC100 Golf Launch Monitor, you now have a comprehensive understanding of its capabilities. Elevate your golf game and reach new levels of performance with Swing Caddie.