Over the last decade. Golf simulator technology has evolved drastically. Not only it has become widely popular, but it is also more accessible now. You can get diverse options at a surprisingly affordable price these days. So much so that you can now get a golf simulator at a price lower than the green fees in some premium golf courses. Thanks to the constant improvement and path-breaking innovations in the golf industry, golfers can now get quality options with high-end features as well. For the home golfers and everyday consumers, this is even more exciting as the market keeps overflowing with rising numbers of golf simulator brands and supporting golf simulator software options. However, if you own a commercial facility or run more than one unit, there are not many trusted software you can rely on. To this end, we highly recommend E6 Connect Commercial Suite. 

E6 Connect is arguably one of the best golf simulator software available today. It is known for its authentic feel, crystal-clear image, high resolution, and stunning features. Most leading golf simulators, for example, SkyTrak and TrackMan incredibly pair with this software to give you the most realistic, immersive golf experience right at home. But when it comes to commercial usage, hardly any other simulator software can stack up against E6 Connect Commercial Suite. What’s more, the remarkable software solution has been revamped with new upgrades and features. It offers a wide array of services, ranging from the redesigned user interface to simulator security. Take a look at the features and specifications of the E6 Connect Commercial Suite to know how it can help grow your business. 

Product Launcher

A standalone simulator software solution from the trusted golf brand TruGolf, E6 Connect helps you to offer the best indoor golf experience to your consumers. The Product Launcher feature is a software security feature that allows the users to easily choose between E6 Connect and E6 Connect Multisport experience.

The proprietary commercial menu lets the player access the options through the conveniently designed rotating tiles on the main menu. 

E6 Connect Product Launcher

Simulator Security

The software can be secured with an administrative PIN. This is an exceptionally useful feature for commercial usage, for it gives the owner complete control over the simulator units. It is also an excellent choice for remote location control. 

Intuitive User Interface

This redesigned feature gives your consumers an easier and better experience while logging in and playing. Users can log in with their phone number and start playing at once, with no waiting time, no hassle, E6 Connect gives you an unadulterated golfing experience. 

Intuitive User Interface

Upgraded Tools and Analytics

With the new and improved engine, E6 Connect Commercial Suite is also upgraded with advanced analytic tools. The software now records all the simulator analytics, including popular time, popular modes of play, uptime vs. In-game uptime, and the number of shots taken. This helps you make sense of your business and strategize accordingly to offer more tailor-made, lucrative facilities to your consumers. 

 To sum up, E6 Connect provides you with all-around support for your commercial golf facility. So, choose the best software solution and let your business reach its height.