Since its introduction, golf simulators have practically revolutionized the game for good. This smart piece of technology has not only made game improvement more achievable but also made golf practice more fun. It can literally bring the golf course within the four walls of your home. With the true-to-life simulation of world-renowned golf courses and creating the authentic environment inside your home golf studio, a golf simulator can give you the exact thrill of a real-life golf course. This is the reason the popularity of golf simulators has risen dramatically in recent years.   

However, the quality of the golf simulation ultimately depends on the simulator software you choose. This software is arguably the most crucial part of a golf simulator. This is what determines the quality of the immersive, realistic experience you are going to get from your device. So, no matter how expensive a simulator you choose, you must choose the software with equal care.   

True, your golf simulator might not be compatible with some software available on the market. So, to help you set up your system, we have brought today a brief comparison of the two most popular simulator software that are supported in most golf simulators, namely E6 Connect and The Golf Club 2019. Read on to know which software is perfect for your golf simulator and enjoy the most authentic feel of the golf course.   

E6 Connect

If we consider their popularity, E6 Connect is arguably the best-selling software simulator today. In terms of performance and quality, it gives all the other software options a run for their money. Also, it offers a wide range of features that only a few other software can match. But the highlight of E6 Connect is its graphics. The simulation it offers is remarkably true-to-life. With stunning 4K image quality and full-HD output, it makes you feel like you are standing on a real golf course. Other than the incredible quality, E6 Connect also provides more than 40 multiplayer options and lets you enter online tournaments.   

E6 Connect comes with over 90 pre-designed golf courses including some of the greatest courses in the world. The list includes Bethpage Black, Pinehurst #2, Bay Hill, Firestone, and many more. You can also customize your game experience with the whole range of settings E6 Connect offers. E6 Connect is compatible with most leading golf simulators in the industry, including SkyTrak, TrackMan, ProTee United, Uneekor QED, Vista, and FlightScope.   

The Golf Club 2019

The Golf Club (TGC)2019 is yet another incredible simulator software. Similar to E6 Connect, it also offers a host of exciting features and multiplayer options. It also supports a full-HD display and 4K screen resolution, resulting in crystal-clear images with vivid colors and unbelievable sharpness. Not as much as E6 Connect, but you can get a remarkable immersive experience from TGC 2019. 

The highlight of TGC 2019, however, is its unique customization features. You can design your own course with this software. Also, you can play on beautiful courses designed by other players via its vast game library. TGC 2019 is also compatible with most leading golf simulators, including SkyTrak, FlightScope, Uneekor QED, and others.