Golf is a game of precision and distance. You need to know where your ball is heading whether you’re striking a driver from the rough or long iron from the green. Golfers have employed a number of aids to improve their distance and accuracy throughout the decades. A contemporary launch monitor might be exactly what you’re looking for to take your game to the next level. 

The Ernest Sports ES Tour Plus Golf Launch Monitor is equipped with two high-speed photometric cameras as well as quad doppler radar. The extraordinary ES Tour Plus monitor offers a very high level of accuracy, can easily be used on tours, and gives golfers comprehensive overviews of their most important performance statistics. It is proudly built in the United States and, hands down, the greatest indoor launch monitor/simulator for the money. This feature-rich offering is primarily intended for indoor use.

The ES Tour Plus can also be used outdoors, where it measures some important data points such as spin rate, ball speed, smash factor, club speed, distance, spin rate, and launch angle. Full simulation gameplay including putting is included in ES Tour Plus.

ES Tour Plus Delivers The Following Statistics:

  • Carry, total, and roll distances, ball speed, launch direction, spin axis, maximum height, launch angle, shot dispersion, landing angle, and spin rate are all included in the ball data. 
  • Club information includes club head speed, face to path, angle of attack, smash factor, club path, and face angle. 

The ES Tour Plus launch monitor contains infrared light boards that function exceptionally well inside, and the flash is imperceptible to the naked eye. Outdoors, on green grass, and in bright sunlight, the infrared cameras reflect green grass as having a whitish hue through the lenses.

Golfers can use the color-coded club fitting and comparison capabilities of the launch monitor by linking the ES Tour Plus with the highly advanced ESGOLF App. This application is free and has also won awards for its capabilities. Up to five different wedges, drivers, golf balls, or shafts can be compared by using the above-mentioned functionality. Golfers across experience levels can benefit from the handy data comparison features provided through the monitor. The simulated driving distance can also be adjusted between 60 and 400 yards.

The ES App lets the user choose their range from the pin and view real-time ball flight. They also get access to more graphs showing lateral and aerial angles of ball flight, to enhance understanding even more. The launch monitor lets users check important data such as shot dispersion, per shot data, form, and averages in order to analyze their session performance. The accompanying software also helps users get effortless data management for countless sessions, to ensure flawless progress tracking.

Ernest Sports ES Tour Plus Specifications:

  • Black color option 
  • Size: 10.1″ x 7.3″ x 2.625″ (H x W x D) 
  • 2 pounds or 14.8 ounces weight 
  • 7.4v Li-Ion Battery (3,000 mAh) 
  • Display dimensions: 1.5″ x 4.5″ (H x W) 
  • Temperature range: 32 to 110 degrees Fahrenheit

The details mentioned above can give you valuable insight into the ES Tour Plus Golf Launch Monitor.