The best thing about golf launch monitors is that they help you understand your game and accordingly, make room for improvements. They track all your shots and precisely point out where you are lacking, besides providing you with accurate measurements. However, it is important to remember that golf technology is a dynamic space. With ever-evolving technologies and constant innovations, these gadgets are becoming more effective with each passing day. So, if you are stuck with outdated technology, there is a lot that you are missing out on. Having said that, there is a widespread belief that cutting-edge golf launch monitors could be expensive. But this is not the case. You can leverage the latest technology with a budget-friendly golf launch monitor as well, and Ernest Sports launch monitors are your best bet in this regard.  

A leading name in the golf industry, Ernest Sports is known for its innovative technology delivered at an affordable price. It is dedicatedly designed to enhance your performance with unmatched accuracy, precision, and reliability. At the same time, it caters to the need of enjoying the sport. The trusted brand brings not one, not two, but three top-of-the-line launch monitors to help improve your techniques, namely ESB1, ES Tour Plus, and ES 2020 Perfect Vision. Go through the details of these phenomenal golf gadgets to pick your best friend on the hitting bay.  

ESB1 Golf Launch Monitor

An upgrade from Ernest Sport’s previous ES14 launch monitor, ESB1 brings along more innovative technology and stunning features. You can blindly trust this one for impeccable accuracy in forecasting your carry distance. Powered by Ernest Sport’s cutting-edge Doppler Radar technology, it can measure up to six data points taking both ball and club data into account.  

ESB1 also comes packed with a unique Data Comparison and Audio Feedback feature. With the help of the Ernest Sports app, you can record all your statistics and in turn, it allows you to compare your results with LPGA and PGA tour averages. The launch monitor also gives you instant audio feedback on your shots.  

Ernest Sports ES Tour Plus Golf Launch Monitor

Not just home golfers, but Ernest Sport’s ES Tour Plus is highly appreciated by PGA tour professionals and golf coaches as well. Going a step further from the ESB1, it combines both the Doppler Radar technology and high-speed photometric cameras for enhanced accuracy.

Compared to the six data points of ESB1, it delivers an astounding number of 26 data points on all your shots. Evidently, it can measure all sorts of club and ball data and give you a comprehensive analysis of your game. 

ES 2020 Perfect Vision Golf Launch Monitor

As expected, ES 2020 Perfect Vision will give you more than the previous versions. The most advanced launch monitor from Ernest Sports, ES 2020 Perfect Vision operates with Ernest Sports’ trusted Doppler Radar technology and analyzes your short patterns with unparalleled accuracy.

Besides, the high-speed photometric cameras ensure more precision in tracking your shots. It provides up to 22 data points. All three launch monitors feature the ESGOLF app, an award-winning app that provides a wide range of data.