The SkyTrak Bronze Package is a reasonably priced choice for anyone looking to become fitter and become better golfers. This device is a priceless home tool since it provides an immersive practice environment and replicates the genuine golf experience. This comprehensive application lets you see rich, real-time images and get in-depth feedback on ball behavior from the comfort of your own home. It greatly enhances your ability to play golf.

SkyTrak Bronze Package Contents

A Lightning to HDMI converter and a 15-foot HDMI cable are required in order to fully use the SkyTrak Launch Monitor. A 6 by 10 foot simulator screen, a metal-cased SIGPRO golf net, and a floor-mountable high-definition 1080p projector screen are all included in the set. It also comes with many golf mat choices, a SIGPRO grass golf mat, and access to the SkyTrak Play and Improve programme. 

SkyTrak is the greatest and most accurate launch monitor available for amateur golfers. It even outperforms the well-known Trackman simulator in comparative tests, showcasing exceptional accuracy at a low cost.  

Important features of the product include:

  • Very accurate data transmission  
  • Thorough measurements such launch angle, carry distance, and backspin  
  • Recognised by Golf Digest as the Best Value Golf Simulator in 2017 and 2018  
  • A simple option to improve gaming abilities  
  • Suitable for PC, iOS, and Android platforms  
  • Metal protective case for SkyTrak:  
  • Laser-cut steel and 13-gauge metal construction are important elements that guarantee sturdiness against little knocks, dents, and drops.  
  • This cover, made especially for the SkyTrak, will protect your pricey equipment from damage.  
  • Has a direct connection to the SkyTrak setup instructions and movable legs.  
  • The SkyTrak is equipped with a readily accessible power button and excellent LED visibility, enabling complete functioning even when encased.

Software for SkyTrak Play and Improvement:

With the many sophisticated features this piece of software offers, players may hone their abilities.  

Features consist of: 

    • It is an instrument capable of determining a player’s proficiency on a range of courses with a big player base  
    • A three-dimensional driving range with progress tracking and Shot Tracer technology.  
    • Competitive elements in both single-player and online forms, include longest drive and closest-to-the-pin challenges.  
    • Ball tracking and playback in real time  
    • Environments that can be customized  
    • Several camera perspectives improve the visual appeal.  
    • 18 holes spread over 12 top-tier WGT golf courses are available (iOS only, single-player mode)  
    • Specific practice modalities for both solo and group activities  
    • SIGPRO Barrier, Screen, and Net:
    • The SIGPRO Golf Net is easy to put up and operate thanks to its straightforward design. Simple adjustments are made possible by the snap-button frame system and reversible netting.

Standout Elements:

  • There is a one-year warranty on the screen and net.  
  • Measurements: 8’6″ x 9′ by 7′  
  • Easy to install quickly, making it perfect for golf practice  
  • Ideal for use both inside and outdoors 

After reading this thorough explanation, you have a thorough grasp of how the SkyTrak Bronze package may significantly raise the quality of your golf outings.