With the constant improvement of golf simulator technology, indoor golf has gained immense popularity in the last few years. These innovative devices have made playing golf easier and fun like it was never before. It offers you a lot of attractive features that help you improve your golf skills. However, the major reason golf simulators appeal so much to golfers is their ability to provide the most realistic golfing experience despite playing within the four walls of your home.

This has been possible because of the cutting-edge golf simulator software. These software packages come with bundles of skill-development features and offer the life-like feel of real golf courses. Therefore, instead of mechanically practicing your shots with a simple net and mat, you can actually play a real round of golf with simulator software and enjoy the thrill of the game. Here in this blog, we have compiled the list of the best golf simulator software options for 2021.

The Golf Club 2019 (TCG 2019)

The Golf Club 2019 is one of the best-selling simulation software today. It gives you loads of options for playing indoor golf, including championship venues and personalized courses. This incredible simulator software packs over 100,000 world-class golf courses for you to choose from.

Moreover, TCG 2019 contains multiple customized modes and golf courses to challenge golfers with different experiences and skill levels. With the TCG 2019, you can work on your golf skills with any hole for an endless period. No matter whether you are a beginner or a PGA professional, this is one of the greatest great simulation software that will support your game improvement. 

E6 Connect

Perhaps the most life-like and highest quality golf simulator available on today’s market, E6 CONNECT packs a wide range of features. It includes stunning 4K compatible graphics that give you amazing image quality and the most realistic feel of a golf course within your home. The software design is more flexible and customizable than it was ever before.

Additionally, the control has improved significantly, giving you more freedom to access multiple golf courses and driving ranges. What makes the new E6 CONNECT truly revolutionary is its real-time peer-to-peer feature that allows you to play against others and enter online competitions and events. You can also play with multiple tee boxes and hit multiple shots during a single round with this great simulation software.

World Golf Tour (WGT)

The World Golf Tour simulation software is another great option for your golf simulator. With WGT installed in your simulator, you can play the whole 18-hole round game or practice with different yardages around the best golf courses around the world. WGT offers you world-renowned championship courses, such as Pebble Beach, Bethpage Black, and so on. It also gives you a chance to participate in the SkyTrak monthly tournament against other players using the SkyTrak golf simulator.

These are just a glimpse of the features you would get from your simulator software. Pick one and start playing to unlock more surprises. So, what are you waiting for? Choose one and get started today.