Now more than ever, a golfer’s swing analyzer is an invaluable asset due to the intense competitiveness on the greens. They could be useful since they lay out the specific actions you have to follow to improve your golfing skills. You can improve your putting, golf swing, and short game with the help of the Golf Swing Analyzer by Blast Motion.

Users of Blast Motion Golf may improve their skills and discover how to start training more efficiently by depending on some extremely useful state-of-the-art technologies and obtaining instant assessment of their abilities. Both golf teachers and students who choose to study on their own can benefit much from the analyzer. It’s possible that the intelligent sensor may make it easier for golf instructors to train their students in new skills.

With the help of the Blast Motion Golf Mobile App, you can monitor your development, keep track of all your golfing movements, to enhance them appropriately.

Product Highlights and Benefits

  • The Blast sensor may be attached to the handle of nearly any common golf club in a couple of seconds.
  • The video will be immediately cut down to the most important parts that relate to your KPIs using Smart Video CaptureTM.
  • The sensor supports Low Energy Bluetooth for data transmission to any iOS or Android mobile device.
  • Data collected from your swinging and strokes may be used to assist you fine-tune your time, stroke speed and face rotation.
  • Video lessons included inside the software itself provide exercise problems, thorough explanations, and next steps.
  • You may use the specialized software to keep tabs on your data and search for trends.
  • The sensor records actions even when the phone isn’t in use.

Without leaving the smartphone app, you can instantly send your data and videos through email and socials. 

Specifications of the Product:

    • Practice Drills: Whole Swing and Putting Stroke Patterns with Support
    • The woods, irons, putters and wedges are all playable.
    • For both Android and iOS, the Smart Video Capture feature has been enabled.
    • Both Apple and Google mobile operating systems have a mode called Adaptive Slow-mo Technology.
    • Movie recommendations made automatically on iOS and Android devices
    • Performance Metric overlays may now be shown in iOS and Android’s Smart Notifications (Voice Announcements).
    • Supports Apple and Android devices through Bluetooth 4.0 (Low power)

You can keep track of your statistics and brag about your greatest shots on iOS and Android. Focus on the lie and loft angles, in addition to the reverse, the forward stroke, and the total swing.

Complete Metrics Recorded (Android/iOS) include backswing,  total swing, velocity direction, downswing, velocity direction, blast factor, efficiency index, swing speed, swing tempo, power index, and energy transfer. The putter’s crown and the driver’s grip serve as the points of connection.

Package contents -

  • Weight of the sensor is 0.3 ounces.
  • Analyzer for Golf Swing and Strokes (sensor)
  • Large, see-through grip extension with a standard black plug and a charging cable.
  • A mobile app may be downloaded for free.

Checking out the above information will teach you all you need to learn about the Golf Swing Analyzer.