Are you looking for a golf net to protect your family members and pets when you work on your swing? There is no need to look beyond the Pro Series V2 Large Golf Net from manufacturer Net Return. This fantastic netting choice is unique in that it simply and by itself delivers the ball to where you are standing. It’s a revised version of the vintage model, provides simplicity for daily use together with reliability and durability that lasts for many years.

The Large versions, among the most recent upgrades to the Pro Series lineup, are available in three different sizes that are each 6 inches broader than the Pro Series V2 regular net: 8 feet, 9 feet, and 10 feet tall. This variety allows players of different stature and dimensions to identify their ideal match.

Additional participants may be accommodated by it’s versions, which are 8 and 10 feet broad, respectively.

Pro Series V2 Large - Key Perks

  • It distinguishes itself by including more netting in its construction, boosting toughness and lifespan. It can resist stress for a long amount of time and speeds of up to 225 mph because of its extraordinary sturdiness.
  • On the Pro Series V2 Large, a pair of side wing barriers are pre-installed for simplicity, to make sure any missed attempts stay inside the striking area. The Velcro closures that come with these panels make setting them up straightforward.
  • The V2 Large netting has a black sleeve instead of the nylon liner found in the company’s Pro Series Net in order to deliver superior protection from sunlight. Furthermore, the usage of polyester makes the item’s total mass less.
  • The Pro Series Large netting has a modern design that enhances its aesthetic value, owing to its black, coated structure.

Ample Safety

Side barriers are necessary to protect your family and friends when using the Pro Series Net inside or in any situation where stray balls might be dangerous.

Versatility in Various Sports

The Pro Series V2 Large net is ideal for a wide range of activities in addition to golf. Baseball, soccer, lacrosse, and softball training are made easier by it.

Excellent Performance

The greatest levels of instant reactivity, exceptional productivity, and endurance are what owners of the V2 Large Net can anticipate. Pro Series Nets by Net Return are meticulously made, put under rigorous evaluations and shown to offer remarkable lifespan.


Balls stay within the striking area thanks to the Pro Series V2 Net’s outstanding safety obstacles. Simplicity is increased by these portable, lightweight barriers.


By going through the information above, you should have a firm grasp of the benefits offered by the Pro Series V2 Net. Count on these net options to enhance your overall skills as a golfer.