In a game of golf, the importance of putting can never be emphasized enough. Some might even argue that this is the most important part of golf. This is why most golfers put serious effort and time to improve their putting skills, and evidently, anyone looking for serious game improvement should do the same. 

As with overall golf practice, it is hard for most golfers to visit a driving range (or a real golf course for that matter) regularly for practicing putting. In order to find a better alternative, most golfers, especially amateurs, settle for a home golf setup to hone their skills. The most popular way to practice putting at home often comes down to purchasing a putting green and maybe a golf net. However, this is might get boring and monotonous after some time. 

The one thing that could save you from the monotony is a putting simulator. Yes, you heard that right. Imagine a golf simulator that guarantees the realistic feel of a golf course that is designed specifically for your putting practice. Sounds fun? This is exactly what Exputt EX300 Real-time Putting Simulator offers you. But that’s not all. It comes with a host of cool features to make your putting practice smooth and exciting. 

Unique Design

While all the other golf simulators are built to give you an all-round simulated golf experience, Exputt EX300 is precisely designed for putting practice. This one-of-its-kind golf simulator is dedicatedly crafted to bring the green to life within the four walls of your home so that you can hone your putts. It offers you an unmatched experience by precisely tracking your strokes on a variety of simulated courses, giving you the most realistic feel. Moreover, it comes with a narrow, long (40” X 12”) putting mat with a backstop at the end, making it the perfect hitting bay for putting practice. 


Exputt EX300 is equipped with innovative tracking technology and a high-speed camera that deftly measures your putter and ball movements, conducts a comparative analysis, yields a comprehensive report, and thus, simulates a perfect virtual course for you to polish your putting skills. Thanks to the innovative design, you can customize the course condition by adjusting the weather conditions, slopes & brakes, green speeds, and several other factors with just a few clicks of some buttons.

Setup Exputt EX300 Real-time Putting Simulator

Setting up the putting simulator is simpler than you could imagine. Also, the major highlight of this device is that requires far less space than a complete golf simulator. Just mount the high-speed camera with your TV monitor or the mounting stand, roll out the putting mat, connect them with the TV, follow the syncing instructions, and you are good to go!

The Exputt EX300 putting simulator is lauded by golfers for its performance, precision, and ease of use. It can be a real game-changer for your game improvement. So, think no more and bring home the incredible device today.