The Importance of putting in golf can be never emphasized enough. It is crucial to lower your score in a game. No matter how long and hard you strike the balls, you would not be able to make it to the end if you duff the short strokes. For this very reason, some might even say that putting is the most important part of honing golf skills, and everyone, regardless of their experience or skill level, should put more effort into refining their putting techniques. Truly enough, honing the perfect putting skills requires relentless practice. Therefore, if you are concerned about your game improvement, you must take putting practice seriously as well. However, it is difficult for most golfers to visit a golf course or a commercial facility regularly.  

As a better alternative, most of them resort to a home golf setup for polishing their putting skills. They invest in putting green and a golf net or just a hitting mat. This might get tedious after some time, as the process could be quite monotonous. But not anymore. Exputt EX500 Real-Time Putting Simulator brings you the first-ever putting simulator. Just like a golf simulator, but specifically designed for putting practice. Powered by cutting-edge AR technology, it gives you the seamless, realistic feel of a real-life golf course right within the four walls of your home. No more striking the ball blindly on a putting surface. Now you can visualize the course and the ball movement with this incredible golf training gadget. Read on to know more about this unique device. 

Advanced Technology

Exputt EX500 Putting Simulator combines a high-speed camera and cutting-edge ball-tracking technology. As a result, it efficiently measures the ball and putter movements, performs a comparative analysis of your techniques, and generates a comprehensive result. Using the information, the device then simulates an immaculate virtual course to guide you with your putting practice.

That’s not all. Thanks to the innovative technology of Exputt EX500, you can also adjust weather conditions, wind speed, temperature, slopes & brakes, green speeds, and so much more. The operation is fairly simple. You can customize your desired experience with just the click of a few buttons.  

Unique Design

Exputt EX500 putting simulator is an extraordinary device. Standard golf simulators are built to simulate an all-around golf experience for you. However, if you settled for a budget-friendly simulator, it may not even have a very good putting option. But Exputt EX500 putting simulator helps you focus on putting dedicatedly. This one-of-a-kind gadget is built to bring the green to life so that you can hone your techniques in a fun, exciting way. Exputt EX500 delivers an unparalleled golfing experience by tracking all your putts and yielding an ideal path on the putting surface using augmented reality. It also comes with a narrow (40”X12”) putting mat with a backstop at the end, so that you have the perfect hitting surface.  

Exputt EX500 can be a real gamechanger for your putting practice. Even tour pros recommend this unique golf training gadget. So, bring home the incredible device today and be on top of your short game.