The Double-Hitting Combo Golf Mat from Fiberbuilt’s Grass Series is the ideal practice space for all aspects of a golfer’s game, striking, chipping and putting. It is suitable for players who are left-handed and right-handed and can be used in both indoor and outdoor settings. You have a lot of options when using a wide variety of Putting Green sizes to enhance your performance. It’s the perfect answer for indoor simulation use or practice in the open.


Fiberbuilt Grass Hitting Surface Key Features

  • A 300,000-Shot Guarantee is offered on Fiberbuilt Grass Hitting Surface

  • The mat offers a combination of a 10’x4′ striking mat with a Putting Green 10’x6′, 10’x8′, or 10’x12′ variants

  • The hitting mat is made up of a 4’x4′ Performance Turf mat, dual 1’x4′ pieces of real Fiberbuilt Grass, and dual 2’x4′ spacers.

  • You can practice your entire swing, and movies such as irons, driving, putts, wedges, and chipping in a hassle-free manner

  • To ensure a safe practice environment and realistic launch circumstances, hitting surfaces are made of actual Fiberbuilt Grass

  • Golfers who are right- or left-handed can use the double-stance mat

  • There are several accessible holes where cups may be inserted

  • Each striking area has four tee holes

  • A good set-up for optical launch monitors

  • The on-course green hue just requires a few simple, tool-free steps to assemble.

The package comes with two strips of nylon Fiberbuilt grass are included in the package, along with a single performance turf stance mat. Users also get a putting turf with two cuts and two spacer mats, alongside two metal mugs. The package also has a modular-type rubber base that comes with easy-locking technology. Golfers do not need to rely on any workman’s tools to fasten this base.

Some Add-ons One Could Opt for include -
Fiberbuilt Half-Moon Molded Rubber Golf Ball Tray

The Fiberbuilt Half-Moon Molded Rubber Golf Ball Tray is a fantastic addition to your golfing mat. It is a widely-used ball tray from Fiberbuilt and also its first one. It can contain up to 150 balls in a random arrangement and is designed to accommodate all striking systems. You may put it next to or behind your golf mat. The size of this mat is 11.5″ x 42.5.” 

Fiberbuilt Rectangular Rubber Golf Ball Tray

In order to prevent cracking, splitting, or deteriorating over time, the Fiberbuilt Rectangular Rubber Golf Ball Tray is constructed with a sturdy compounded rubber. It is able to store as many as two hundred balls in a randomized manner. It sits quite well on an  Ultimate Tee Line spacer mat or other hitting bays. The size details of it are 27″ x 14″ x 3.” 

Fiberbuilt Adjustable Golf Tee

One golf tee may be used for the duration of your test session thanks to the Fiberbuilt Adjustable Golf Tee. The Adjustable Tee has a tee cup that offers launch angles similar to those of a genuine tee and moves up and down to the right height for drivers, irons, and fairway woods. It helps to prevent the breakage of tees as it offers excellent endurance, thanks to its polymer substance. You may practice through the full bag by simply inserting the Adjustable Golf Tee through the Fiberbuilt Grass strips.

Take a look at the information given above to get a better idea of the Grass Series Double-Hitting Combo Golf Mat by Firebuilt.