In the domain of indoor golf gadgets, FlightScope has been a trusted name for a long time now. FlightScope Mevo Plus golf launch monitor has received wide appreciation from golf. It is deemed perfect for both outdoor and indoor use as a great piece of technology offering excellent practice and playing experience.

It has been especially known to be helpful for entry-level golfers since it provides accurate data points that can potentially improve their playing skills. As soon as it was released, the amazing launch monitor has promptly become golfers’ favorite in terms of performance and accuracy. Here is a quick look into the incredible features of the FlightScope Mevo Plus Golf Launch Monitor to help you choose the perfect game improvement device.

Doppler Radar Technology

Mevo+ comes with an advanced Doppler radar technology that tracks your balls more efficiently than ever before. Instead of taking images with a photometric camera and compiling them to calculate your ball data, the Doppler radar collects data using shooting lasers against the club and the ball throughout the impact, thus making an accurate measurement of your ball distance. It can measure all your club metrics and ball flight with unmatched precision and provides you with important data points for your game improvement. 

Internal Camera

One of the biggest flaws of the previous Mevo was that it could never give you accurate or consistent data on your alignment. The Mevo+ now includes an internal camera that overcomes this flaw and gives you an exact idea about how you are aligning your shots.

It uses the built-in camera in your phone to record the shots. Besides, you can record all the recording video data and watch it later. You can even overlay the data with your swing path and flight data for future comparison. The best part of FlightScope Mevo is that it comes with a voice function feature that lets you know the estimated shot distance without even looking at the device.

Improved Performance

Mevo+ is duly re-engineered to provide stronger and faster performance. It is upgraded with the latest 802.11ac Wi-Fi chip that gives you an increased range, as well as the dual 2X2 MIMO antennas fortifying its connection strength even in noisy environments. It can stay connected to your smartphone from 100 feet away, making it almost 5 times stronger than the 1st generation Mevo. Compared to the most launch monitors available today, Mevo+ offers a lot more simulator functions.

Data Points

The updated Mevo+ gives you reliable stats of carry distance, ball speed, clubhead speed, flight time, vertical launch angle, spin rate, smash factor, and apex height. Additionally, the upgraded model can measure horizontal launch angle, spin loft, roll distance, total distance, angle of attack, spin axis, shot shape, and spin axis with maximum accuracy. Thus, with Mevo+, you get a complete picture of your game and identify where exactly you need to put the extra effort.

Mevo+ is a great device to help your game improve both outdoor and indoor. It comes with tons of updated features to assist your game improvement. So, go for the FlightScope Mevo+ and turn your practice into fun.