Flightscope is one of the world’s leading golf manufacturing brands. The company is known for developing powerful 3D Doppler Radars, golf launch monitors, and tracking devices for other sports. However, it is their launch monitor that is especially popular across the globe. Keeping up with the trend, Flightscope has also recently launched Flightscope mevo and mevo plus

It is being said already that the Xi Tour is the most compact, high-performing, and versatile product from their range of products. It adds a ton of new features, data parameters, and improved technology to Flightscope’s existing repertoire. Naturally, users are loving it for its sheer brilliance. If you are yet to get your hands on a Flightscope Xi Tour launch monitor, but eager to know what the stunning golf launch monitor has in store for you, we are here to help. Here is a first look and comprehensive review of Flightscope Xi Tour. Read on to learn more about the product. 

Improved Technology

Flightscope’s 3D Doppler Radar tracking technology is a gold standard in the golf industry. You can rely on its accuracy with your eyes closed. It is not only ab great tool for your game improvement, but it also offers a lot in terms of club fitting, game analysis, and golf coaching.

With Xi Tour, however, Flightscope made a huge step forward with its integration of other technologies. Alongside the VX app, now you can use this launch monitor with E6 Connect, BodiTrak, and FocusBand as well. The result is stunningly impressive, to say the very least.  

Expanded Data Parameters

Compared to its previous models, Flightscope Xi Tour offers a wider range of data parameters (up to 27 metrics). Some of its advanced analytics include club path, face to target, face to path, vertical descent angle, dynamic loft, vertical & horizontal swing plane, flight time, and apex height. One of the unique metrics Xi Tour offers is the acceleration profile.

This shows you the acceleration and speed of the clubhead both before and after the impact. You can also change your numbers on Xi Tour to see how your shot will end up in different conditions. All of these could be immensely helpful for your game improvement as well as coaching.  

Enhanced Ease Of Use

With Xi Tour, Flightscope significantly improved the ease of use of the launch monitor. All you need to do is charge the unit, calibrate, and place it ten feet behind the ball. The charge also runs for a long time. True, the calibration may involve some trial and error for beginners. But once you get the hang of it, expect nothing but precise, accurate, and consistent data.  

Impressive Features

The Xi Tour is perfect for both outdoor and indoor use. It comes with an enhanced range of features as well, especially improved data analytics. It also has full simulation capabilities, supporting various simulation software options with putting, chipping, and driving. 

To sum up, Flightscope Xi Tour brings you the best of game analytics. You will get every data point imaginable with this launch monitor. So, what are you waiting for? Bring home the best and start practicing.