Foresight Fairgrounds Review with the GCQuad Golf Launch Monitor & Golf Simulator Software. In this video, I review and demonstrate the Foresight Sports Fairgrounds Golf Simulator Software using the GCQuad Launch Monitor. Foresight Fairgrounds is our dedicated game application available as a free download to all FSX 2020 & FSX 2018 users. Combining classic carnival-style skill-building with fast-paced skill-building, Foresight Fairgrounds is ideal for a casual golfing experience among younger golfers and families.

The Foresight Sports GCQuad is a portable golf launch monitor that is high-speed camera and infrared-based. The Quadrascopic technology takes detailed pictures of the ball and club still while still allowing the unit to be placed almost two feet across from the ball on the ground. This advanced camera technology allows the Foresight GCQuad to be a simple setup in most environments from outdoor driving ranges to smaller indoor simulator rooms