There is no denial that launch monitors are slowly becoming a primary element of golf. Launch monitors, whether you are a professional or a casual golfer, can greatly help you in increasing your game and satisfaction. By offering a wide range of software features and upgrades like coaching and club fitting, they can truly enhance your golfing experience.

At the same time, they offer accurate and reliable statistics that help you improve your skills with pinpoint accuracy.

However, there are tens of launch monitors out there, making choosing the right one a difficult choice, but for players seeking a mid-range option, there are rarely any options that compete with FORESIGHT G2. FORESIGHT GC2 has been introduced by FORESIGHT SPORTS and has managed to transformed indoor and outdoor golfing, delivering a reliable and accurate performance that is regarded by millions.

As a reasonably priced launch monitor, it offers a wide range of features for its price, that manages to deliver trustable statistics while providing an entertaining and immersive learning experience. 

What Features Does FORESIGHT GC2 Provide?

FORESIGHT GC2 launch monitor offers the following features.

  • Smart Camera System allowing performance in any environment
  • Measures player performance with cutting-edge image processing
  • An internal accelerometer that adjusts for non-level surfaces
  • High-resolution cameras that can capture 10,000 frames per second.
  • Stereoscopic lens arrangement that can emulate “human eye” spatial recognition.
  • Simplistic Design that provides an on-screen display
  • Environmental controls.
  • A wide range of accurate data parameters
  • Quick and easy setup that does not require calibration.
  • Unpatched precision with sustained durability
  • Professional-grade Ball Analysis
  • Contains entertaining golf challenges

Why FORESIGHT GC2? What Benefits Will It Provide?

FORESIGHT GC2 finds its roots in the professional sector, providing for aspiring golf professionals globally. Hence, it gained immediate popularity in coaches and golfers to its promised performance and statistics.

GC2, despite a limited number of courses without third-party support, can offer quick and reliable statistics with a simplistic approach, suiting the overall professional or serious golf players. 

Some major benefits of using FORESIGHT GC2 include:

  • Immediately reads data and processes it
  • Provides a wide range of entertaining challenges to hone skills
  • A very wide shot pickup area due to stereoscope lens arrangement.
  • Professional grade statistics and analysis
  • Simplistic and convenient to use
  • Requires no calibration to use. 

What Data Points it Measures?

FORESIGHT GC2 can measure the following data points:

  • Ball Speed
  • Launch Angle
  • Azimuth
  • Total Spin
  • Spin-Tilt Axis
FORESIGHT GC2 Launch Monitor

How Well It Works With Golf Simulation Softwares?

FORESIGHT GC2, with its professional-grade equipment, can ensure a rich and immersive experience that does not come with any hassle. It can also be equipped with FSX 2020 to provide further challenging gameplay.

However, it does not offer any support for third-party software, leaving users limited to whatever products and courses that are launched by FSX themselves. However, the driving ranges and the individual courses provided in ForeSight GC2 are premium and highly detailed.

Final Verdict

For its competitive price and accurate data parameters, FORESIGHT GC2 can be a reliable partner for professional or casual golfers that are primarily aiming to increase their skills. 

If you are fine with the limited yet impressive courses and challenges provided by FORESIGHT and are looking for extremely accurate data and analysis, FORESIGHT GC2 is a rich choice for you. Happy Golfing!