Watch our First Look Review of Foresight Sports FSX Play Golf Simulator Software. The FSX Play Software has gone through an entire overhaul from FSX 2020 and we are here to give you a full walkthrough of the user interface, features, graphics, and more. Watch as we head out to the FSX Play practice facility and even go out and play a few holes using the Foresight Sports GCQUAD Golf Launch Monitor.

We will head off to the all-new FSX Play Paris driving range to hit some balls by the Eiffel Tower. Following a few shots on the practice green we will tee off at the famous Torrey Pines South Course to play a few holes and demonstrate all of the on-course features of Foresight Sports FSX Play along with ball characteristics, flyovers, putting, and more. Then to wrap things up I will demo the Blue Bayou course and take a few more shots and show short putting and cup physics.