With the constant improvement and innovation in the space of golf simulator technology, premium launch monitors are not limited to rich people anymore. Now, you can afford a high-performance launch monitor with amazing accuracy well within your budget. Ernest Sports, one of the most trusted names for golf gears and technology, is leading the space with their Foresight Sports GCQuad golf launch simulator.

Foresight Sports launched this incredible piece of technology during the 2017 PGA Merchandise Show held in Orlando. Since then, the product has received roaring praise from golfers all around the world, making it one of the most well-received launch monitors for both indoor and outdoor use. If you are contemplating investing in a new golf launch monitor or planning to upgrade your indoor gold studio, here is an insight into Foresight Sports GCQuad review and specifications. 

Cutting-Edge Technology

Foresight Sports is well-known for its innovative technology. Like any of their other products, GCQuad also features innovative technology that makes it stand apart. Powered by the trusted GC technology by Foresight Sports, this amazing device gives you the most accurate analysis of your shots and ball data.

It comes with four high-speed powerful cameras to track all your shots. The additional pair of cameras enable the GCQuad launch monitor to scan and track the hitting space six times more than their previous GC2 launch monitor. This ensures more space and details so that you get unparalleled accuracy and performance from your launch monitor.

The 4 camera setup can take up to 200 images of the shot from multiple angles, thus measuring everything happening around the impact zone. Moreover, the cutting-edge quadroscopic launch monitor with high-speed imaging and ball tracking capacity provides you with precise reading on ball flight, swing, distances, and impact conditions. 

Amazing Design

The GCQuad launch monitor comes in a highly portable, ergonomic design that is very easy to transport and carry around the golf course. The sleek, lightweight build makes it perfect for both using indoors and outdoors.

The thoughtfully crafted on-board display provides you with precise data after each shot, capturing a full spectrum of data points about clubface position at impact as well as ball data. Besides, the unit is equipped IR LED lights which mean no more hassles with flash replacements and maintenance.

GCQuad Features

Improved Connectivity: The GCquad has simplified the connectivity issue for the users. Now, the launch monitor can be connected to the software via WiFi as well as Ethernet cable. Both options have been improved in the latest models.

Long Battery Life: The GCquad has improved battery life, ensuring hassle-free, long hours of performance. Not just the batteries have a better life; the advanced design allows you to swap them out with any other compatible batteries so that you can enjoy longer sessions.

Considering the price range, GCQuad ensures the best image quality and clarity for a golf launch monitor. To date, there is no negative review of GCQuad launch monitor, even from seasoned golfers. So, you can trust the technology with your eyes closed.