In recent times, golf simulators have gained major popularity among golfers all around the world. The clever piece of technology has not only revolutionized the game but also made golf more accessible to anyone interested in the sport. But no matter how expensive a device you own, it all comes down to the simulator software. If you want a perfect simulated golf experience, you need high-quality simulator software.  

To this end, Foresight Sports’ FSX 2020 has been regarded as the best-in-class software available today. Foresight Sports is a highly trusted name in the domain of golf technology. Similarly, the software offered by the reputable brand also ensures the most realistic simulation experience, along with a host of game-improving features to give you the most satisfying experience of indoor golf.  

FSX 2020 Golf Simulator Software is the latest and exclusive golf simulation software from Foresight Sports designed for their line of commercial golf launch monitors, such as the GC2, GCQuad, and GCHawk. Built exclusively for PC (iOS/ Windows), this software offers a wide range of skill challenges, game modes, and online events. Not to forget, it also offers thousands of virtual golf courses from around the planet for you to play on. It has plenty more advantages as the perfect golf companion. Read on to know more about the amazing software.  

True-To-Life Simulation

FSX 2020 is the most realistic, intuitive, and educational golf simulator you can have in today’s time.  The stunning 4K resolution, crystal-clear image quality, vivid colors, and high-end graphics give you the most true-to-life visual output, making you feel like you are standing on a real-life golf course.  

Professional-Level Game Analysis

FSX 2020 Golf Simulator Software gives you the most comprehensive and dependable game insight. Foresight Sports is known for its cutting-edge technology and tour-tested accuracy. Powered by the same launch monitor technology, FSX 2020 delivers incredible visualization features and data analysis perfectly tailored to improve your game. It is also a brilliant device you can use for club fitting.  

Various Gaming Modes

FSX 2020, like its predecessors, has three main modes—Play, Compete, and Improve. In-Play mode, you can play and practice by choosing a golf course of your preference. It has an extensive customization option, and the course recreations are quite accurate. You can even do things like adjusting green speed and weather conditions, selecting game types, choosing green firmness, and much more with FSX 2020. It also has a multiplayer facility, where you can connect with as many as four players. 

The highlight of the Compete Mode is its various skill challenges. You can enter a variety of challenges with increasing levels of difficulty. The latest FSX 2020 also features a new challenge called Glass Break. Improve Mode is primarily designed for serious practice as well as club fitting. 

Vast Course Library

FSX 2020 recreates several standard golf courses, including world-renowned courses such as Broken Tree, Teton Pines, and Willow Crest. Expect to encounter every bunker, hazard, and lie with exact detail on these courses with FSX 2020. 

FSX 2020 System Requirements

Operating System: Windows 7 or higher 64-bit (PC) 

Memory: 8GB system memory minimum (16GB recommended for best performance) 

Processor: Intel i5/ i7 (AMD not recommended) 

Video Card: Nvidia GTX 1050 ti or greater