All over the world, launch monitors are becoming a popular purchase, helping people practice and play golf in their homes. For people who want to improve their skills, a launch monitor could be increasingly effective. They can be used both outdoors and indoors, and be enhanced with a multitude of software upgrades including coaching and club fitting.

The data analytics that they can provide with their latest sensors and technology can prove vital in increasing your golfing skills to extraordinary levels. However, the market is riddled with tens of launch monitors, making it difficult to make an accurate choice but for dedicated and professional players, there is hardly any alternative to Full Swing Pro and Sport Series.

With an official license simulator partnership with the PGA Tour and the Golf Channel, Full Swing has introduced the Sport Series and the Pro Series of its emulators. As a high-end launch monitor, it comes equipped with a full wooden enclosure to ensure a seamless experience is enjoyed coupled with its dual-tracking technology and insanely accurate statistics.

What Features Does Full Swing Sport And Pro Series provide?

Full Swing Sport and Pro Series launch monitor offers the following features.

  • ION3 Overhead Camera that measures and records your game.
  • Sport Series uses Four High-Speed Line Scan Cameras while Pro Series uses two 360-degree infrared tracks.
  • Insanely accurate real ball flight.
  • Contains 84 championship courses and 13 sports.
  • Premium hardware and components
  • Offers integrated software for swing analysis.
  • Advanced tracking software for unmatched performance
  • High-Definition Video Analysis
  • Cloud instruction and sharing for keeping records.
  • Contains options for multiple sports with no special equipment required.
  • Offers multiple scenarios and challenges in sports.

Why Full Swing Sport and Pro Series? What Benefits will it Provide?

Full Swing Sport and Pro Series has been devised to become the world leader in the highly advanced and immersive gaming experience, providing the best that modern technology can offer. For fans of indoor simulations, Full Swing comes with over 84 championship courses along with 13 different sports games, allowing endless fun for all the users.

Some major benefits of Full Swing include:

  • Provides unrivaled ball measures and results
  • Measurement is performed in real-time to emulate the real-life experience.
  • Includes 13 other sports and the ability to turn into a home theatre.
  • Playable by people of all ages and also provides arcade experiences for casual players or children.
  • Can be used as a custom gaming computer or a screen for the console.
  • For its price, it provides extraordinary features.

What Data Points it Measures?

Full Swing Sport and Pro Series can measure the following data points:

  • Ball Speed
  • Carry distance.
  • Total Distance
  • Smash Factor
  • Backspin
  • Side Spin
  • Apex
  • Club Speed
  • Smash Factor
  • Face to Path
  • Club Path
  • Launch Angle

How Well It Works With Golf Simulation Softwares?

Full Swing Sport and Pro Series comes with a whole assortment of its unique championship courses and different sports, allowing endless entertainment for users of all ages and interests.

This is an extraordinary feature for the Full Swing Sport and Pro Series as no other simulator can provide a complete entertainment platform that can be converted into a gaming computer or a console.

Final Verdict

For its price, there is virtually no competition for the Full Swing Sport and Pro Series, as no other product can provide what it can, an immersive and highly entertaining experience coupled with the complete installation. 

If you are a club owner who is looking to buy the perfect option to attract users of all different interests, Full Swing Sport and Pro offers immense features for a hefty price tag, making it the best among the rest.