Golf GPS devices come in various shapes and sizes. But the ultimate goal is the same—shaving strokes off the score and in the end, improve your game. To this end, Garmin Approach G12 is perhaps the best choice for any golfer, irrespective of their skills and experience level. Garmin is known across several industries for its premium quality GPS devices.

Similarly, their golf GPS wearables are some of the most reliable, easy to use, and coveted golf gadgets among golfers all around the world. With Approach G12, the leading brand has once again brought the technology to the front. It is perhaps one of the most accurate golf GPs devices available on today’s market that offers impeccable data measuring your carry yardage and distance on the golf course. Moreover, it is loaded with a chock-full of features that makes it users’ favorite. Take a look at the review to know how the device can help you improve your game. 

Improved Design

There will always be two camps when it comes to golf GPS. One would prefer standard handheld devices. The other, however, prefers smartwatches. Keeping up with the advancement of technology, golf wearables have become increasingly popular.

To this end, the enhanced portability of Garmin Approach G12 has pushed it right to the top of the chart. It is designed as a full-featured golf GPS device in a clip-on form. It is also lightweight and sleek, making it a perfect choice for outdoor use. Just attach it to your bag or belt and you are free to walk around. 

Cutting-Edge Technology

When it comes to GPS devices, there is hardly any other brand that stacks up against Garmin. Therefore, with the Approach G12, one thing that you can be completely sure about is its performance.

It gives you the precise distance to the front, middle, and back of the green, including layups, hazards, as well as doglegs. It is also equipped with advanced Green View technology that displays the green layout from your angle of approach with an impressive manual pin placement system to give you the precise distance to the flagstick. 

Brilliant Display

Garmin Approach G12 is designed with a large, bright LCD. The high-resolution screen yields an impeccable display quality and can be read even under direct sunlight. Also, the Big Numbers mode makes it super easy to read. No wonder it is the most popular choice for the outdoors. 

Incredible Features

A step up from the previous G10 series, Approach G12 showcases a host of amazing features. It is known to provide the most accurate yardage for navigating each shot. The Green View feature provides the true shape of each green no matter where you are on the course. The Digital Scorecard keeps the score for you to track all your shots. Install the free Garmin mobile app to get back to the scorecard even after you leave the course. But most importantly, the device comes with over 42,000 preloaded courses 

Overall, Garmin Approach G12 is the best GPS golf device you can get today within this price range. So, chose the smart device and play in style.