Golf is all about accuracy and precision. This is the reason pro golfers invest so much in gadgets that help them track their games. These gadgets help you capture the flawless ball and club data, analyze them, and yield a complete picture of your strokes and swings, pointing out the areas you need to put more effort in. Such precision is nearly impossible when you try to track manually. Hence, more and more golfers are leaning toward golf accessories and training aids that effectively help them in their game improvement. With the advancement of technology and innovative ideas, golf gadgets have become more flexible, effective, and to some extent, indispensable. However, among all the cutting-edge innovations, golf GPS devices are the most sought-after gadgets today; and to that end, Garmin is the most popular choice for any golfer, irrespective of their experience and skill levels. 

In the world of GPS technology, Garmin is arguably the most trusted and reputable brand serving across multiple sectors. Their product range includes some incredible products specially dedicated to sports and fitness needs. Similarly, they offer a number of GPS devices for golf. While their GPS wearables or smartwatches are already vastly renowned, we are letting you on about another great golf device from Garmin, i.e., golf laser rangefinders. These amazing golf gadgets help you find the exact yardage on the golf course utilizing Garmin’s best-in-class GPS technology. It also comes in various price ranges to suit everyone’s budget. Here are the best Garmin Laser Rangefinders. 

Garmin Approach Z80

This is hands-down the best laser rangefinder from Garmin available on today’s market. It comes pre-loaded with over 40,000 golf courses from all over the world, giving you a new perspective on the course no matter which part of the world you are in, as well as and an upper hand against your peers.

Along with a precise distance to the pin (within 10”) and hazards, you can actually see an incredible full-color Green View and Course View overlay in 2D for the particular hole you will be playing. Moreover, it automatically determines the hole that you are currently playing and accordingly, provides you par and course layout information. 

Garmin Approach Z82

Compact, portable, and easy-to-use—this is the ideal golf training device for you. This rangefinder, just like the Z80, comes preloaded with more than 40,000 golf courses as well as Green View and Course View overlay in 2D. However, it includes several more features that help you improve your game even further. For example, it comprises a unique Laser Range Arc feature that draws an arc of the distance measured by the range finder on the 2D Course View map so that you can easily have a full view of everything within the distance.

It also has a Hazard View feature that lets you scroll through every hazard individually as well as layup distance on the 2D map so that you know how far they are located up ahead in the game. The incredible laser rangefinder also accounts for wind direction and speed to help you determine which club to use for each shot.