When it comes to golf rangefinders, there is one thing it must pack in to compete with the big names in the game—slop adjustment technology. Essentially, slope technology or slope compensation refers to the technology that helps you make the right club selection by factoring the course elevation into the total distance. This is a crucial piece of information for anyone who is looking to fine-tune their game. 

In today’s time, there are several rangefinders that come equipped with slope adjustment technology. However, the top choices, as per tour pros and coaches, are Garmin Z82 and Voice Caddie SL2. Here is a brief comparison between these two high-end devices to help you make the final call. 

Garmin Z82 Laser Rangefinder

Garmin is known for the best-in-class GPS technology in the world of sports and fitness gears. The rangefinder too is powered with the same technology, taking the top spot as one of the best-selling and the most trusted golf rangefinders today. 

The slope adjustment feature of the Garmin Z82 is known as Playslike Distance. This feature, as one would expect from the reputed brand, guarantees accurate distance to the highest possible degree with both downhill and uphill elevation factored in. 

However, that is not the end of the deal. With Garmin Z82, you get almost every possible golf feature that one could ask for. The highlights of the device are: 

Green View: The map overlay shows you the entire hole layout and gives you the precise distance to the front, back, and center of the green. 

PinPointer: A unique feature that indicates the pin precisely, so that you know where to aim even on blind spots.

Laser Range Arc: A truly helpful feature that draws a precise arc over the 2D CourseView map so you can view everything within the given distance.

Account for Wind: The Garmin Approach Z82 takes into account wind direction and speed, allowing you to choose the right club as well as swing direction. 

Voice Caddie SL2 Laser Rangefinder

Voice Caddie SL2 does not just have slope adjustment technology but Green Undulation as well. The reliable rangefinder gives you accurate distance with the elevation factored in. In addition, it indicates the undulation around the hole to help you hit the target better.

Other than the slope adjustment, the Voice Caddie SL2 comes with the following features:

Smart CourseView: Draws a line over the map and indicates the landing area of the driver precisely. The Line also points out hazards and bunkers to display the distance to the front, back, and middle of the green. You can also zoom in on the display to have a larger view. 

Active GreenView: Offers a hyper-realistic and more intuitive Green Undulation. With this feature, you can see the breaks more easily and also reset the pin location. Furthermore, the feature informs you of the risky areas and lets you study the size of the green. 

Final Verdict

When compared, Voice Caddie SL2 is a better choice if you focus on the slope adjustment. But if you want more features and the best value for money from your rangefinder, Garmin Z82 is a better choice.