When it comes to advanced golf technology, Foresight Sports has long been a trusted name. The brand is known for delivering remarkable golf training gadgets at all price points. However, it is their golf launch monitors that have gained roaring popularity in the last few years.

Both the GC2 and GCQuad, both highly appreciated by professionals and amateurs alike, were bestsellers for a long time. The highlight of Foresight Sports’ launch monitors is the advanced technology, and of course, the professional-level accuracy that has earned them the reputation. But if you are ready to go a step ahead and spend a few bucks more, Foresight Sports has an even more incredible product for you—the GCHawk launch monitor.  

Compared to every other Foresight Sports launch monitor, GCHawk is a higher-end golf training gadget. It is a professional-level launch monitor, more specifically designed for experienced golfers. As one would expect, GCHawk ensures high performance, remarkable accuracy, and best-in-class design. So, if you think you are ready for the more advanced stuff, here is a sneak peeks into Foresight Sports’ best launch monitor for you.  

Unique Design

Although GCHawk uses the same quadroscopic camera technology same as the GCQuad launch monitor, it is designed differently for enhanced performance. Essentially, GCHawk is designed to be mounted overhead and give you a hands-free experience for a seamless golfing session. It seems like a bar hung over your head, much like Uneekor Eye XO or QED, but delivers a more accurate tracking.

The key to its incredible accuracy is a clever combination of the high-speed quad-camera system and infrared object tracking. With them, the launch monitor captures nearly a thousand images in a second and yields a perfect 3D model of the ball and club at impact. Thus, it gives you precise measurements that are direct, not calculated.  

Data Parameters

Since the HCHawk uses the same technology as the GCQuad, it offers almost the same set of data that GCQuad does. You can count on the exceptional launch monitor for a flawless reading on the ball and clubhead speed, carry distance, spin rate, smash factor, vertical & horizontal launch angle, face angle, lie and loft at impact, and much more. 

GCHawk Golf Launch Monitor By Foresight Sports: The Cutting-edge Golf Simulator for You

Highly Flexible

Be it a commercial facility or a residential setting, GCHawk can fit perfectly in any environment. As a ceiling-mount system, GCHawk allows you more room to hit the shots, as well as an easier switching of right and left-handed strokes. No more repositioning, no watching for any blockade, enjoy a perfectly seamless golfing experience with GCHawk. 

What’s more, GCHawk can also be easily combined with simulator enclosures and home theatres, which means that it can support multi-sport functionality. Honestly, you can enjoy the most realistic gameplay on this launch monitor thanks to its special performance algorithms and dynamic tracking. 

 The GCHawk can also be paired up with the FSX software suite to get a full golf simulation. So, bring home the best and enjoy the most satisfying golfing experience with the most advanced features of GCHawk.