Are you planning to set up a golf simulator in your home? You should probably have already chosen all the things you need for the task. However, with hundreds of brands of golf simulator equipment available in today’s market, it can be quite challenging to determine which items best suit your purpose. Moreover, people often overlook one important element while building their indoor golf simulator—the simulator screen enclosure.

Unlike the simulator software or the projector, it does not contain any technological element. So, it is very common among golfers to settle down for enclosures with subpar quality. But, this will ultimately affect your overall experience with the golf simulator, as well as reduce the durability of the simulator screen. Therefore, you must consider the following aspects before buying your simulator enclosure.

Golf Simulator Enclosure—Know Your Product

The enclosure is essentially a protective frame or structure for the simulator screen. It holds the screen in place and restricts it from crumpling or displacing. The screens are of particular importance in your golf simulator. It is the element that allows you to see where your shots are heading to, and complete the realistic experience of a golf course within your home.

Presumably, if the quality of your enclosure is not up to the mark, it will ruin the fun despite whatever high-end simulator software or premium golf kit you may own. Additionally, a hitting net extension is attached to the enclosure to secure your balls from going haywire and hitting the walls.

Things To Remember Before Buying A Golf Enclosure

  • The most important thing you should consider before setting up your golf enclosure is the size of the item. This depends on several things. First, you should buy an enclosure that is compatible with the space you are going to set up the structure in. If your enclosure is larger than the available space, you will have a hard time adjusting and erecting the structure every time you want to set it up. Also, the size of the screen fabric is an important factor. If the screen is too large, it will be very difficult to adjust the extra fabric. On the other hand, if it is smaller than required, you will find it hard to attach with the frame. The trick here is to buy the fabric with 2 to 4 inches extra around the corners. The depth of the enclosure is also an important factor.
  • The quality of the enclosure depends largely on its durability. The longer an item lasts, the more value for your money you get. So, it is important that you look for the material that gives you the most durability. Most enclosures are made of nylon. However, leading manufacturers are also coming up with innovative composite materials.
  • If you set up your golf simulator in your living room or office, then it is essential that the structure is easy to remove. Therefore, you should look for an enclosure that is portable and lightweight. Also, make sure the enclosure you order is easy to put together.

Now that you have an idea about what to look for in a premium golf simulator enclosure, find out the best products available, and enjoy your favorite sport from the comfort of your home.