What makes a golfer happy? The answer is simple- massive sand traps, appealing water features, and the strategic layout of a golf course. All these you can find at the Grand Geneva Brute course. It has a wide 7,000 yards of ground. This brute course is regarded as one of the toughest designed courses in the Midwest. Additionally, it is considered one of the best golf courses in Wisconsin.

It has 68 bunkers, and larger rolling greens, averaging over 8,000 square feet. You will be mesmerized by this properly manicured and well-maintained par-72 Lake Geneva golf course. If you want to experience the feeling of playing at this golf course, try your skills at Grand Geneva- The Brute in The Golf Club 2019 (designed by Tom Chomicz). Try your skills at this marvelous 18-hole course and perfect your gaming strategies. Once you play at Grand Geneva- The Brute course, you will be eager to play more.