The FlightScope Mevo Plus launch monitor is one of the most highly relied upon devices on the market. It is preferred by many golfers around the world and a top option for those who want radar-type monitors  The Mevo Plus is also known for the high level of precision it offers to users. It offers instant measurements of courses and driving ranges. The new Fusion Tracking technology introduced to the monitor recently has also made it a more capable option. 

But how accurate is the Mevo Plus launch monitor? Can it be made more accurate? Read on to gain some insight into the subject.

The Accuracy Of FlightScope Mevo Plus

The FlightScope Mevo Plus is known to deliver a high level of accuracy. However, the level of accuracy is higher when you can use the monitor in spaces that are considerably large, or outdoor areas. The Mevo Plus has to be set up in a proper way so that there aren’t any obstructions in its way.

There are also other factors to consider for maximizing accuracy, which we discuss below. The new firmware update has brought Fusion Tracking technology to the FlightScope Mevo Plus.

It is a new technology that revolutionized the way radar launch monitors work, as it added cutting-edge image processing. As a result, the newly updated monitor is far more accurate. Interestingly, the Fusion Tracking technology has been used in the X3, a more premium launch monitor by FlightScope. Now anyone can upgrade to the Mevo Plus Pro Package and get access to multiple features along with more accuracy. 

What Impacts Accuracy For The FlightScope Mevo Plus?

Size Of A Room

The FlightScope Mevo Plus launch monitor requires a lot of space in order to offer a high level of accuracy. Mevo Plus being a radar-based launch monitor makes it very important for users to allocate enough space. 

Positioning Is Key

The Mevo Plus launch monitor from FlightScope offers several modes for different room sizes. These modes allow users to adjust the radar position vertically to enable flexibility in smaller spaces. 

The operating modes for Mevo Plus are the indoor, outdoor and short indoor modes. It is quite convenient to switch between the two modes, and you can instantly fine-tune the settings for increasing accuracy. It is very important to be using the right mode. 

Tilt Of The Monitor

Users can access a variety of tilt settings with the FlightScope Mevo launch monitor. These can be tweaked by users of the Mevo Plus Fixed Alignment Dock. The degree of tilt needed is more compared to the FlightScope applications than third-party applications. You might have to adjust settings to get the right level of balance. 

Alignment Is Also Important

Alignment is another important factor that can enhance the level of accuracy you can get. How you position your Mevo Plus is important, and it makes sense to follow FlightScope’s instructions in this regard. 

Take a look at the information above to get the highest accuracy from the FlightScope Mevo Plus launch monitor.