The Blast Motion Golf Swing Analyzer offers golfers a cutting-edge and advanced solution for improving their golf swing, short game, and putting. Blast Golf technology gives you instant feedback and, comes with a slew of special upgrades to give you confidence with your game. It also helps you to get an idea of how you can raise the effectiveness of your practice. The  Blast Motion Golf Swing Analyzer I individual golfers, and teachers can assist their pupils to perform better and witness better skills progression by using the Blast Golf sensor.

Golfers can use the Blast Motion Golf Mobile App to track their performance, gather and process short videos of their shots and putts, and enhance their technique by fixing any errors that may have been detected. A sensor is a versatile tool that can be fastened to any club. It also facilitates the effortless measuring of data parameters such as clubhead speed, timing, speed, and rotation, among other things.

Following each shot, the sensor sends data to one’s smart device and enables them to perform fast analysis. You may even boast or show off your progress by sharing your numbers on your favorite social media networks.

Product Features:

  • The sensor of Blast Motion Golf Swing Analyzer uses Low Energy Bluetooth to provide data to any Android or iOS device.
  • The Blast Golf app monitors key statistics and guides them in finding patterns.
  • The sensor gets fastened easily and adjusted for the grip of any kind of golf club to ensure peak reliability.
  • Smart Video Capture™ technology of the device facilities the hassle-free creation of video clip highlights along with a user’s stats. 
  • Metrics for stroke and swing let users check and enhance their speed, rotation, and timing.
  • Users can get training within the app to know more about golf drills, access advanced tips, and get more features.
  • Even if your smart device is not connected to the Internet, the analyzer can keep recording and storing performance data.

Package Includes:

  • Blast Golf Analyzer
  • Larger and distinct attachment for putter
  • Mobile application of Android and iOS devices
  • Conventional grip attachment (black color)
  • Charger cable and charger

Blast Motion Golf Swing Analyzer Mobile Operating System Compatibility

  • The device is compatible with Apple devices that are running on iOS 8.x, iOS 9.x, and iOS 10.x
  • It is also compatible with Android devices that are running on Android OS 5, 6, 7
Blast Motion Golf Swing Analyzer

Product Specifications:

  • Users get functionality for full swing and putting
  • It supports wedges, putters, irons, and drivers
  • Android and iOS Smart Video Capture
  • Performance Metric Overlay for both iOS and Android
  • Smart Notifications with voice announcements for Android and iOS devices
  • Automatic video capture and storage
  • Adaptive slow-motion technology for Android and iOS

The Blast Motion Golf Swing Analyzer is one of the most feature-rich and advanced golf swing and putt monitoring systems available now. It can help you take your skills to the next level.