Fiberbuilt putting greens or golf mats offer the highest levels of performance and are sturdy options to look at if you are in the market for high-quality mats. These are some of the closest options if you want a feel that is quite close to an actual natural turf. Countless golfers around the world rely on Fiberbuilt hitting mats as they are suitable for delivering the most realistic type of impact.

If you want durable mats to practice on your simulator or want to work on your swing anywhere, these mats fit the bill. Get ready to experience precise feedback on every swing and get ready to improve your skills with Fiberbuilt hitting mats. Complete with a rubber base construction for optimal feedback, they can also protect you from impact shock injury. 

Prospective buyers have a lot of options to choose from when it comes to Fiberbuilt mats, including the portable Practice Station to the fuller-sized Studio Mats by the brand. One can easily find mats that fit their spaces and budgets and become integral to their practice requirements. Regardless of space restrictions, the brand has you covered. 

Fiberbuilt Grass Series Hitting Studio Mats:

Fiberbuilt Grass Series Hitting Studio Mats are some of the most durable mats provided by the brand and help you feel the closest to a real turf. These can be considered as the signature offerings from Fiberbuilt and can be found in some of the most popular teaching institutes and ranges on a global level.

With these mats, golfers can feel the most accurate feedback upon impact, and they can prove to be useful for 300 thousand shots. A rubber base ensures that users get an optimal underfoot feeling whilst you are swinging away. Take your pick from different sizes and models and enjoy the flawless practice. 

  1. Fiberbuilt 7’ X 4’ Single-Hitting Studio Golf Mat

  2. Fiberbuilt 9’ X 4’ Center-Hitting Studio Golf Mat

  3. Fiberbuilt 10′ X 4′ Double-Hitting Studio Golf Mat

Fiberbuilt Player Preferred Hitting Studio Mats

Fiberbuilt Player Preferred Hitting Studio Mats is another range that you can consider investing in. It offers several mats and the Pure Impact surface that can work with launch monitors for facilitating high-performance golfing that gives players a realistic feel of fairway grass.

This range of mats comes with the Vibration Absorption Layer component that can easily absorb most of the shock from your club effortlessly. Golfers can get a very realistic experience and work on improving different aspects of their game. 

Fiberbuilt Grass Series Combo Mats

Fiberbuilt Grass Series Combo Mats refers to a premium range of mats from the company. These combine high-quality putting greens and hitting mats to produce a practice surface that impresses golfers across experience levels.

These mats are suitable for those who need to get in some good practice by relying on an impact that is hyper-realistic. Combo Mats gives you the best of all that Fiberbuilt mats have to offer across all its ranges.

  1. Fiberbuilt 10’X 12’ Center-Hitting Combo Golf Mat

  2. Fiberbuilt 10’ X 10’ Double Hitting Combo Golf Mat

These are the best Fiberbuilt Putting Greens you can rely on for next-level practice. Compare features and specifications to choose the right one for your needs!