For contemporary golfers who desire reliable rangefinding at their disposal, Voice Caddie Golf Laser & GPS Rangefinders are powerful options worth looking at. These very sophisticated systems are designed to provide the best performance and lifespan.

Gadgets from Voice Caddie include a variety of distinctive characteristics that set them apart from competing products obtainable on the market. A few of the characteristics include 6X Magnification, a Pin Assist Mode, unique Auto Slope Technology, along with shock-proof and weather-resistant constructions. Your accuracy on the greens may be drastically enhanced by using Voice Caddie Golf Laser/GPS Rangefinders.

Voice Caddie G1 Golf GPS Watch

The adjustable pin position, green undulation, color touch screen, and slope features of the G1 Golf GPS Watch with Slope by Voice Caddie are just a few of its capabilities. The Voice Caddie G1 allows users to manually choose the pin location, and acquire multi-directional yardages, as well as yardages for bunkers and impediments.

Voice Caddie G1 Golf GPS Characteristics

  • Automatic Hole Recognition Smart Scoring on an automatic scorecard
  • Automatic Slope: Automatically determines the slope information to the middle of the green.
  • Support for Bluetooth
  • Changeable Users may press the pin position to change it to another area.
  • Clear displays both during all times owing to a colour touch panel with reflective LCD innovation.
  • Course Layout View depending on availability
  • Distance Chart (Center, Front and Back)
  • Data with green undulation depending on availability
  • Utilize fast GPS to measure and see precise yardages to courses.
  • The construction is weather-resistant to provide protection.

SL2 Active Golf Hybrid GPS/Laser Rangefinder

The Voice Caddie’s SL2 Active Golf Hybrid is an innovative laser rangefinder with characteristics based on cutting-edge technology. It has a moving green undulation, acute distance measurement, HD high-resolution screen, and design graphics.

Features of True Hybrid GPS/Laser Rangefinder

  • Color Touch LCD Screen Displays vital information for players, including the lengths between hazards on the greens and the landing point of drives.
  • The GPS Pin Assist feature uses GPS coordinates to designate all other data as “0,” with the exception of the green region.
  • Tournament Mode Slope
  • Integration
  • With the eleven-step undulation, consumers can now more easily perceive gaps and interpret green visuals that are more realistic. Additionally, the pin’s position is adjustable.
  • The Smart Course View gives a deeper grasp of the structure of the course, enabling

SL1 Active Golf Hybrid GPS/Laser Rangefinder

With innovative technology and powerful features, SL1 Active Golf Hybrid GPS/Laser Rangefinder With Green Undulation by Voice Caddie is ready for action. Golfers should better focus on their objective by using location information to block out interruptions.

Features of Voice Caddie SL1 Rangefinder

  • With the use of GPS, the rangefinder can filter out objects like trees and sand traps that are beyond the green perimeter. Golfers may use it to enable them to strike the desired objective.
  • With an Optical 6X Magnification Lens, visibility and brightness are both improved by 20%.
  • The SL1 Golf Rangefinder is packed with more than forty thousand golf courses from across the world.

To choose which of the three Golf Caddie rangefinders is best for you, compare their characteristics.