Since an electric golf cart motor has fewer components than a gas golf cart motor, replacing parts with routine servicing is nearly never necessary. Golfers only need to replace batteries of electric carts once every few years to continue getting the desired level of performance. When the total costs of an electric golf cart and a gas golf cart are evaluated, the electric variant comes out on top. This is why many golfers across the globe are now opting for electric golf carts.

Ellwee Easy Electric Golf Carts are known to be some of the best options on the market now, due to their sturdy construction and reliable performance. They are cutting-edge vehicles with a lot of interesting features and ensure easy transportation across golf courses. The Ellwee Easy Electric Golf Cart is a single rider, energy-efficient option that is a step above most conventional carts.

Stylish and Sturdy Electric Golf Cart

Ellwee Easy has a body style that is designed to be accessible, with the highest levels of sturdiness, enables easy handling and provides maximum comfort. It gives golfers a great deal of convenience on the greens. Leading engineers with expertise from Saab and Volvo  built a completely original vehicle in Trollhättan, an important location for the Swedish automotive industry. Eduard Gray Studio’s award-winning Scandinavian electric vehicle Design is featured in Ellwee. Ellwee Golf Cart uses tried-and-true innovation to provide a fun and safe golfing experience.

This Elwee electric golf cart has the streamlined design of an ATV but is different from such vehicles. This is because the cart is designed to stop turf degradation on the golf course. Individual suspension and a unique anti-spin mechanism are featured in Ellwee’s revolutionary rear axle. Due to this, the vehicle creates a lot less damage on grass and similar surfaces.

Ellwee Electric Golf Carts come equipped with lightweight and sturdy wheels that enhance your experience of getting around from hole to hole.  Ellwee Easy Electric Golf Cart is also easy to operate and stays steady on most terrains. It comes with a conveniently sheathed transaxle to protect the wheels from dirt. This cart gets all of its power from the batteries, and it can be charged easily from any conventional outlet.

Specs -

  • 705 lbs. dry weight + maximum load
  • 35″W x 44.5″H x 64.8″L Dimensions
  • Lithium 48V 63Ah battery
  • 11 miles per hour
  • 2 USB Outlets
  • 330 lbs. dry weight (with battery)
  • Time to charge: 8 hours
  • 1500 watts, 5600 rpm
  •  Off-the-grid towing is possible
  • Can seat 1 person

Why Buy an Ellwee Electric Golf Cart?

Ellwee outperforms its peers thanks to its devotion and sustained effort. It is the cream of the crop, with a PSI value of only 3.2, which is considerably lower than other carts on the market. Users can take advantage of the low weight and the large wheels, and also benefit from its revolutionary suspension mechanism. Ellwee has completely transformed what electric golf vehicles are, with its cutting-edge technology and design expertise. There are also many additions and accessories available for its electric golf carts to further enhance the experience of users.

Take a look at the information given above to gain some insight into the Ellwee Easy Electric Golf Cart.