Even for the most physically strong players, walking from one hole to the next on a golf course is a daunting prospect. Walking is the only way to go from one hole to the next. It not only makes one very uncomfortable and worn out, but it may also be damaging to one’s productivity. When the weight of the clubs and any other equipment is factored in, the conclusion is straightforward. To their relief, a growing number of golfers are putting their trust in electric golf scooters to alleviate such worries. Regardless of that, there is a respectable selection of products now available, and the scooters produced by Fat Tire have earned a name for themselves in the industry.

Fat Tire electric golf scooters are offered with -

  • Battery voltage display
  • Cooler
  • Cup holder
  • Divot repair sand bottle
  • Golf Bag
  • Holder 
  • LED headlamp
  • Organizer for scorecards and utilities 
  • Standard 110v outlet charger 
  • Tee holder

The Cruiser 3.0 and the Rebel Trike XR are the two models that are offered from the house of Fat Tire. Continue reading to obtain some knowledge about the two distinct types of cars that they have available.

Fat Tire Cruiser 3.0

One of the easiest solutions to use right now is the Cruiser 3.0 Electric Golf Scooter by Fat Tire. Golfers may find it extremely simple to move between different holes because to its modest weight. It is also known for the low level of impact on the ground.



  • A powerful waterproof 3000-watt motor offers exceptional hill climbing capability.
  • 20ah Li-Ion Quick-Swap battery operates for more than 18 holes
  • Extra-wide radical tyres are mounted on 13″ chrome wheels.
  • The grass is protected and parking is easy thanks to the central stand’s large bottom plates.
  • Big tour bags may fit in an aluminium bag holder.
  • Front and rear suspension for maximum smoothness
  • On the platform linked to its handlebar, you may keep scorecards, tees, pencils, balls, refreshments, and many other items.
  • A spacious, padded seat for maximum comfort
  • One-year limited parts warranty

Key Details


  • “Quick-Swap” li-ion battery with a 6-to-8-hour charge time
  • Base diameter: 54″
  • Dimensions of 78″ by 46″ (length x height)
  • Inches: 90 “with a stowaway compartment for carrying bags
  • It has a motor with a 3000w output
  • Playing Time: 18 Holes Minimum (depends on rider weight and terrain)
  • Three hundred pounds is the maximum load allowed.
  • Total body mass: 190 lb.
  • Speed max – 15 mph

Fat Tire Rebel Trike XR

Fat Tire’s Rebel Trike XR Extended Range Electric Golf Scooter provides another trustworthy and cutting-edge option for golfers to consider. This vehicle is lightweight but durable, making it suitable for use in the grass areas of most courses.


  • Waterproof High-Torque Differential Motor
  • Rapidly interchangeable lithium-ion power packs
  • There are three enormous tyres for ensuring maximum traction.
  • Carrying bracket made of aluminium that can support heavy touring luggage
  • A front and rear suspension system for supreme comfort
  • The platform on its handlebar is perfect for carrying tees, scorecards, refreshments, pencils, balls, and other personal belongings.
  • Plenty of padding for a relaxing ride
  • You get a yearly guarantee on components alone.

Key Details

  • Speed max – 15 mph
  • Powered by 2 Lithium-Ion batteries with Quick-swap technology  Needs 6 – 8 hours of time to recharge
  • Variable-frequency ac motor with differential (high torque)
  • 85 inches tall bag holder built right in
  • Three hundred pounds is the maximum load allowed.
  • 36 Holes or more run time (depending on the terrain and rider’s weight)
  • Dimensions – 72″ x 46″ (length x height)
  • 210-pounds weight
  • 52-inch wheelbase

Review the specifications of the two Fat Tire electric golf scooters given above to choose the model that best meets your requirements.