Golfers who wish to track their development and adjust their game need a decent launch monitor and simulator settings. Golfers can now precisely measure ball trajectory, launch angles, and spin rates, thanks to state-of-the-art equipment, which helps them understand their swing and make the required corrections. Learning new things and having fun may be achieved via playing golf. Players may practice on online courses and utilize simulation features to mimic real-world game scenarios.

The APOGEE is a powerful launch monitor and simulator combination.

Instant Impact, a cutting-edge collection of imaging algorithms featured in the TruGolf APOGEE device, ensures that marked balls and clubs are seldom used. The built-in CPU of APOGEE with Instant Hit creates a latency-free gaming experience by minimizing any delay between the ball hit and virtual motion. The Point-of-Impact interface in APOGEE enables users to regularly and completely assess each and every shot. Customers may acquire the most cutting-edge and approachable device control solutions with the APOGEE Control Center (ACC).

Highlights of the APOGEE TruGolf

  • APOGEE collects a variety of data from the ball and club with each swing. In sports, the ball’s trajectory is always determined using exact, measurable data.
  • To capture shot data, APOGEE mixes a unique ultra-high-speed stereoscopic camera configuration with the breakthrough INSTANT IMPACT processing technology. This software replicates on-screen frames in real time while tracking ball and club information.
  • The club face tilt, side rotation, horizontal launch direction, back spin, projectile speed, and club head speed are all taken into account by APOGEE while analyzing a shot.
  • Since APOGEE monitors every shot style, using it is considerably easier.
  • The INSTANT IMPACT technology from APOGEE evaluates ball and club related data without the need for particular balls or clubs. It might be necessary to use reflective dots in bright light to obtain precise measurements of club face tilt.
  • APOGEE weighs around 22 pounds and has dimensions of 38″ (W) x 5 12″ (H) x 8″ (D).
  • A one-year extended subscription to APOGEE is included, along with an E6 CONNECT license that covers 27 courses.
  • The reflectance of infrared photons reflecting off the striking pad may be measured using APOGEE in the majority of lighting conditions. However, in order to adjust illumination, sites exposed to direct sunlight must have shades or a similar device placed.
  • Most people should have little trouble configuring APOGEE. If you are worried that you won’t be able to safely set up the device on your own, get professional help.
  • To use APOGEE, you must be nine or ten feet tall, measured from the launch monitor to the hitting surface.

What Does the TruGolf APOGEE Package Contain?

    • APOGEE Launch Monitor
    • Ceiling Mount
    • Laser Level
    • 27-Course License for E6 CONNECT 
    • One-Year Extended Subscription
    • 50-foot Cat 6 cable
    • USB to CAT6 Network Adapter
    • Instructions Bundle
    • Screws and Mounting Hardware
    • Template for Calibration
    • 6-Inch Power Cord

The key features and specifications of TruGolf’s APOGEE are outlined in the sections above. Take a look at them to know more about the product.