In the realm of golf, prudent decision-making leading to favorable outcomes holds utmost importance. Golfers often rely on guidebooks to navigate the courses effectively. However, the cutting-edge SkyCaddie SX550 Golf GPS presents a feature-rich and advanced digital alternative, offering precise data that empowers players to elevate their performance. Delving into this gadget’s remarkable attributes will provide a comprehensive understanding of its capabilities.

Key Aspects of SX550 GPS

The SkyCaddie SX550 Golf GPS, developed by SkyGolf’s ground modeling team, boasts over 35,000 meticulously curated and updated golf courses. This is not achieved through outdated satellite images; instead, each course has been personally visited and the data collected to offer golfers the most accurate representations. HoloVue innovation complements this by allowing players to track their progress toward the course’s par-3 objectives, with up to 40 objectives per hole.

Employing the unique IntelliGreen Technology, the SkyCaddie SX550 Golf GPS provides golfers with precise contours of the greens, automatically aligning with their approach angles. This results in a clear depiction of the area where they aim to take their next shot, enabling improved chipping and putting outcomes for all players.

Dynamic HoleVue is yet another technological feature, akin to the IntelliGreen breakthrough. It dynamically rotates the fairways and lines as the player moves through the course, adjusting to their current position and attack angle.

The SX550 facilitates obstacle examination, allowing users to gauge distances required to navigate around hazards and optimize their performance.
IntelliPath presents an additional benefit, allowing users to select a destination and view all major routes en route.

Utilizing the SkyCaddie SX550 Golf GPS

To initiate usage, visit the SkyGolf 360 website or app and activate the device’s features instantly. Once connected, switch on the GPS and optimize its performance with the provided charger. Upon activation, the GPS marker promptly identifies golf facilities near the user’s current location. Utilize the Start Round feature to explore all the capabilities once the gadget is powered on.


  • The device features water-resistant construction, ensuring optimal safety in all weather conditions.
  • A lithium polymer battery offers maximum charge storage capacity.
  • The battery provides a remarkable lifespan of up to 14 hours.
  • The GPS weighs a mere eight ounces.
  • Product size – 5.60 x 2.40 x 1.20 inches.
  • Six months warranty
  • Confidentiality and Refund Policy: 30 days

Package Contents

  • SkyCaddie SX550 GPS Rangefinder
  • A comprehensive user manual
  • Guarantee License pact
  • Wall charger connector for micro USB-C
  • Prepaid 1-year membership card

A complete understanding of the SkyCaddie SX550 Golf GPS can be attained by exploring the information provided above.